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Beginning in 2006, SITN offers audio recordings of its seminars! So, even if you can’t make it to the lecture, you can still hear the entire presentation on the web. You can download each seminar as a .mp3 audio file along with the lecture slides in .pdf format. You can listen to the seminar on your computer with any mp3-compatible media player such as Windows Media Player, iTunes or on your iPod. To view our slides you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free from .

Starting in 2010, SITN offers streaming video of our lectures on our Vimeo page.

2010 Seminar Archives

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We have video of this year’s lecture series, recorded by SITN members Kevin Bonham and Peter Yang! Copies of the lecture slides are made available on this page following each lecture.


-The SITN staff-

Evidence-Based Medicine: A Case Study of Vaccines And Autism
  • Leah Liu – Introduction to evidence in medicine
  • Johnny Kung – The case for vaccines
  • Alison Taylor – Vaccines and the autism controversy
Bots That Mimic Bugs: Flying, Crawling And Squishy Robots!
  • Ben Finio – Introduction: Flying and crawling robots
  • Rebecca Kramer – Squishy robots
  • Mike Petralia – The odyssey of graduate school
You Are What Your Mother Ate: The New Science of Epigenetics (Outline)
  • Danny Lieber – Introduction to epigenetics
  • Kerry Samerotte – Lifestyle and epigenetics
  • Brian Beliveau – Past, present and future of epigenetics
Beyond Agribusiness: New and Old Ways to Grow Food
  • Patrick Boyle – Turning plants into food
  • Tina Liu – A better rice for the world
  • Christina Agapakis – Personalized genetic engineering
The Laser Turns 50: A Brief History And New Frontiers
  • Mikhail Kats – How lasers work
  • Romain Blanchard – Our information age
  • Ted Feldman – Power for the future
Forget-Me-Not: How Memories Are Formed And Lost (Outline)
  • Allison Nishitani – Introduction to memory
  • Alix Lacoste – How do scientists study memory?
  • Heather McLaughlin – Memory loss
Our Microbial Organ: The Good and Bad Bugs of The Human Gut (Outline)
  • Kevin Bonham – Living in a microbial world
  • Nadia Cohen – The gut and its inhabitants
  • Kyle Perry – Microbial populations: How we study them and their uses
The Science of Dogs: History, Psychology, And Genetics of Man’s Best Friend (Outline)
  • Amanda Nottke – Domestication of dogs
  • Pan-Pan Jiang – Genetics of dogs
  • Christine Kiely – Psychology of dogs
Star Power: New Ways to Harvest Energy From Our Sun (Outline)
  • Kevin Beier – Introduction to energy
  • Jacob Krich – Photovoltaics
  • Dan Recht – Solar thermal applications