Special Edition: Artificial Intelligence


The field of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly expanding. From self-driving cars to video games, artificial intelligence plays a role in many aspects of society today. In this SITN special edition blog series, we explore the technologies and tools that take advantage of AI. Websites like Facebook and Spotify use machine learning algorithms to produce content specifically tailored for their users; doctors’ offices incorporate AI to examine medical images and search for cancerous lesions, and brain computer interfaces combine man and machine to help build a better human. Some AI can even dream and have a conversation.

As machine learning and AI expand their influence in modern society, we can utilize AI to inform public policy and even expand our energy capabilities to meet the demands of an ever-modernizing world, all the while considering whether machines are capable of making ethical decisions.

In this special edition, we take a closer look at artificial intelligence and its role in society today. The future of AI looks promising, with the potential to improve many facets of our lives, but only if we can fully understand the complexities and limitations along the way.

August 28, 2017

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History of AI

Rockwell Anyoha

Recommendation Algorithms

Jennifer Wei

Video Games

Harbing Lou

Computers Dreaming

Henry Wilkin

Computers Chatting

Katherine Wu

Self-Driving Cars

Tim Menke

AI Policy

Chamith Fonseka

Controlling Energy

Franklin Wolfe

Intelligent Diagnosis

Sherif Gerges

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Julia Nguyen

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