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Beginning in 2006, SITN offers audio recordings of its seminars! So, even if you can’t make it to the lecture, you can still hear the entire presentation on the web. You can download each seminar as a .mp3 audio file along with the lecture slides in .pdf format. You can listen to the seminar on your computer with any mp3-compatible media player such as Windows Media Player, iTunes or on your iPod. To view our slides you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free from .

Starting in 2010, SITN offers streaming video of our lectures on our Vimeo page.

2009 Seminar Archives

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Unfortunately, we cannot offer you audio or video of the 2009 lecture series. Our apologies! Please still check-out the excellent presentations by downloading the slides.


-The SITN staff-

Of Swine, Seasons, and Shots: Our Immune System and the Flu
  • Jeff Tiegler, Tammy Slenn, Nadia Cohen
Modern Mass Extinctions
  • Tina Liu, Pan-Pan Jiang, Primrose Boynton
Origins: Synthesizing Life in the Lab
  • Christina Agapakis
  • Patrick Boyle
  • Itay Budin
Green-lighting Green Cars: The Future of the Automobile
  • Erin Blevins
  • Kevin Cedrone
  • Aaron Goldman
Sun, Snacks, Stress, and Such: Could You be Damaging Your DNA?
  • Amanda Nottke, Christine Kiely, Annie Kloimweider
Feeding the Future: Agricultural Genetics and World Hunger
  • Kerry Geiler, Johnny Kung, Naveen Sinha
What Makes a Champion? The Biology of Great Athletes
  • Edwin Yoo, Daniel Lieber, Heather McLaughlin
The Silence Behind the Sound: How Your Brain Hears
  • J. Stefan Kaczmarek, Sasha Krol, Leila Ross
Autoimmunity and Disease: When the Body Attacks Itself
  • Sky Brubaker, Peter Sage, Kevin Bonham