DayCon 2020: DayConnections

Contacts, Connections, and Communities


We are delaying DayCon until 2021 in response to the coronavirus outbreak. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Curious about what goes on at DayCon? Check out content from previous years below.

DayCon 2019: “The Art of Science” Videos:

(program available here)

A Dialogue of Two Perspectives in Architecture

Symmetry in Art and Nature

The Neuroscience of Music Perception

The Art and Science of Electron Diffraction

Exotic States of Light

Music and Consciousness: Why does it matter what music is?


DayCon 2018: “Tomorrow’s Tech, Today” Videos:

(program available here)

Microbes as the Engines of Biotechnology

Viruses as Medicine

Quantum Technology

The World’s Electronic Graveyard: Solving the E-Waste Dilemma

Geoengineering: A Risky Climate Solution

Technologies and Designs for Crowdsourcing

Brain-Machine Interfaces: Bridging the Accessibility Gap

Batteries of the Future

Nuclear Energy: A Power Source for the Future?

How Genetic Engineering is Shaping the Future of Medicine


DayCon 2017: “Planet Earth”


DayCon 2016: “Bodies in Motion” Slides and Videos:

Aging and the Human Body

Genetics of Athletic Ability

A History of (Mostly Vertebrate) Locomotion

Pimp Your Ride: a Futuristic look at Bioengineering the Human Body (video)

The Skin We Move In

From Walking to Marathons: The Role of Nutrition in Exercise

The Physics of Sports (video)

The Future of Motion: Technologies for Prosthetic Limbs

DayCon 2015 Slides (Videos available here):

Cracking the Code: The Genetic Basis of Disease

Genes Gone Wild: The Biology of Human Cancer

Viruses: Hacking the Host

From Broad Street to Boston: Tracking Infectious Disease Outbreaks Using Molecular Epidemiology

From 1552BC to the 21st Century: How Science Made Diabetes Treatable

Preparing for The Battle: Antibiotic Resistance

Psychiatric Disease: Learning about the Brain from Diagnosis to Treatment

Bench to Bedside: The Drug Discovery Pipeline