The Harvard Quantum Initiative Blog is running a contest for students who are interested in quantum science! See below for more information and potentially win a trip to tour Harvard’s research facilities.

HQI Blog:

HQI Blog is a website run by graduate students in the Harvard Quantum Initiative (HQI). We are passionate about sharing our interest and knowledge in quantum science to the broader public and hope to aid and inspire future quantum scientists, physicists, and engineers. Through blog posts, light-hearted articles, comics, and other media, we hope to: (a) present positive role models for students interested in quantum science, (b) demystify the process of finding research, applying to PhD programs, or pursuing careers in quantum science, and (c) explain quantum science research to the general public in an accessible and exciting manner. Our target audience includes high school and college students.

Quantum Shorts Contest:

HQI Blog’s Quantum Shorts Contest invites everyone to showcase their talent by creating a short video explaining a quantum science topic of their choice. Whether you’re a budding physicist, an aspiring science communicator, or completely new to quantum science, this contest is for you! This is not only an opportunity to create a fun video, but it’s also a chance to win an exclusive trip to Harvard. During your visit, you will get to explore our quantum research facilities, engage with leading researchers in the field, and gain insights into careers in academia.

Deadline: May 14th, 2024

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