DayCon 2016: “Bodies in Motion”

DayCon is Science in the News’ FREE, daylong conference for the public – a day of talks, posters, interactive sessions, and more!

Registration for DayCon 2016 is now CLOSED. A few walk-in registrations will be available (also at no fee) the day of – please inquire. Thank you for your interest – we hope to continue to expand DayCon in future years with your support. Please join the SITN mailing list to hear about more of our events, including our Fall and Spring Lecture Series, and upcoming news about DayCon 2017.

DayCon 2015 Videos available on Youtube.

DayConFlyer_front-1024x741DayCon 2015 Slides

Cracking the Code: The Genetic Basis of Disease

Genes Gone Wild: The Biology of Human Cancer

Viruses: Hacking the Host

From Broad Street to Boston: Tracking Infectious Disease Outbreaks Using Molecular Epidemiology

From 1552BC to the 21st Century: How Science Made Diabetes Treatable

Preparing for The Battle: Antibiotic Resistance

Psychiatric Disease: Learning about the Brain from Diagnosis to Treatment

Bench to Bedside: The Drug Discovery Pipeline