SITN Seminars

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Our evening seminar series is free to the public. No registration is necessary, just show up! In our seminars we aim to discuss today’s hottest scientific topics. Each seminar consists of three presentations; an introductory science lecture, a presentation about the recent research or innovations in this area, and a discussion of the ethical or social ramifications of this research. Our seminars are interactive, so feel free to come and ask questions at any point during our seminars!

SITN Seminars

Join us on April 17th at 7pm for our first lecture of the season on Harvard’s Campus

Location: Pfizer Lecture Hall in Mallinckrodt Chemistry Lab, 12 Oxford Street, Cambridge MA 02138

Sudden Death: A Tale of Cell Suicide

Presented by Marshall Thomas

In this seminar, Harvard graduate student Marshall Thomas will delve into the amazing natural phenomenon of apoptosis – programmed cell death. Though it sounds scary, apoptosis is critical for keeping us healthy by removing old and damaged cells and staving off cancer. Surprisingly, studying apoptosis can also tell us something about how life works. Marshall will wrap up by sharing some of his own research on programmed cell death.