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air pollution_square-no textHow do atmospheric scientists understand air pollution in a city, when the air is constantly moving from state to state, and country to country? Answering this question is crucial for developing public health and environmental policy. By directly measuring air pollutants and combining information about the winds with a computer model, atmospheric scientists can better understand transport of urban air pollution. Atmospheric scientists develop models to generate high-resolution and time-resolved information about the atmosphere that we can’t easily measure everywhere and all the time. I will discuss how we use cutting-edge technology and models of winds and the atmosphere to understand the transport and sources of carbon dioxide emissions. In light of the recent Paris Climate Agreement, integrated modeling-data networks are important to improve monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon dioxide emissions in cities around the world.


5 thoughts on “Air Pollution Knows No Boundaries

  1. Air quality is the number one health concern for people living in this region. The Progam for Air Quality, Health, and Society is very interesting. I want to add that EPA awarded Utah
    DEQ $12.7 million in grants for air quality projects in Salt Lake City, Logan, and Provo. What should the government do first? In my opinion, it’s necessary to eliminate pollution first of all. And this goal will be achieved when changing wood-burning appliances as well as it’s necessary to replace outdated diesel trucks in the area. To limit common air pollutants EPA works with the sates developing and implementing outdoor air regulations, like it was mentioned in the report and the Clean Air Act. It helps states to adopt measures necessary to meet standards specified in the act.

  2. Was this presentation recorded, and if so, where might I get access to it. I was listening live, but sometimes my phone cut out & I missed pieces.

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