EBC-46, a novel PKC inhibitor shows pre-clinical potential
EBC-46, a novel PKC inhibitor shows pre-clinical potential
From wikimedia commons: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b8/EBC-46.svg/310px-EBC-46.svg.png

A recent article published in Medical Express last week touts the impressive findings of a pre-clinical study on the experimental drug EBC-46 (pictured above). In the article, they claim that EBC-46 is able to effectively destroy tumors by destroying the blood vessels that supply it with oxygen and nutrients. It is important, however, to remember that the work they are reporting on is very preliminary and has yet to be shown to be safe or effective in humans. Many promising candidate drugs fail very early on in clinical trials because of an unforeseen side-effect or because the drug simply does not work as well in humans as in animal models.

Furthermore, EBC-46 may be a novel drug, but its target is nothing new. EBC-46 targets a protein called Protein Kinase C (PKC) that, when inhibited, prevents tumor cells from making proteins that help them live. PKC has been targeted by several compounds, with one, PMA getting a phase I clinical trial (safety and efficacy in a limited group of people with cancer). Unfortunately, PMA caused severe and life-threatening side effects and the trial was stopped.

Given the questionable history of PKC inhibitors, it has yet to be seen if EBC-46 will be safe to use in humans.

For the article upon which the press release was based see below:
Intra-Lesional Injection of the Novel PKC Activator EBC-46 Rapidly Ablates Tumors in Mouse Models

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160 thoughts on “New cancer drug promising, but has a long way to go

  1. There are “severe and life-threatening side effects” to chemo and radiation and yet that is still the prescribed method to fighting cancer and stopping tumor growth. It’s time for something different!

    1. Very true Also note this article is almost 2 years out of date. And to compare EBC-46 with PMA is not at all reasonable if nothing else. Trails are looking very interesting.

      1. You are right but these Pharma companies will not bring that new formula out for use. Because it is a natural compound so they can’t take patents, if they are unable to take patent – they can’t make money.

        1. This is a sad fact but reality. Why aren’t we all getting together and fighting these S.OB’s ?!?? We outnumber them 100 to 1. Politics and money should never have to have anything to do with medicine. This is sad. So many people die because of greed.

          1. Big pharma is not interested in curing but in making and keeping customers. When we say people the only thing that registairs is $$.

          2. Your thoughts are shared by more than 100-1 I’m going to say 10,000,000 – 1.
            So much work has to be done to fix the corrupt elected .. 🙁

          3. Read the book the truth about cancer by ty bollinger
            The story behind big pharma and follow the money
            Cancer is big business at the cost of millions of lives and heartbreak
            There are definitely alternative means in which to effectively beat cancer

          4. this is so true. i lost my dad 3 yrs ago to 9 different kinds of cancer that could of been cured if our government wouldnt be so greedy. i have lost alot of family members to cancer and now my wife is on the edge of loosing her life to cancer at age of 50. why isnt our government trying to save peoples lives. has any one here went to childrens cancer hospital and see these little kids that have cancer. so freaking sad. tears my heart out that our lazy government is so greedy. please lets take our country back and do whats wright for us all. kill cancer. the government will get cures for drug addicts but not cancer patients. smh.

        2. You might want to look at the company that is conducting clinical trials with EBC-46, your claim is innaccurrate and misleading. They can in fact patent this chemical, and have (I’ll even back it up with a source: https://qbiotics.com/index.php/faq#faq4). I don’t understand why you would think a pharmaceutical company would be uninterested in producing a cure for cancer – it would be extremely profitable for them, and they and their loved ones may one day suffer from a form of cancer and need a cure. It’s in everyone’s interest to find cures. Please don’t buy into conspiracy theories that paint doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies as evil cancer spreading villains.

          1. They make more money when there’s diseases verses Everyone being healthy. It’s not conspiracy. I mean healthy organic food is more expensive than go food. So something you add chemicals to is cheaper? Those chemicals cost more than letting something grow naturally. That’s something you shouldn’t have to research to acknowledge. Why havn’t they released the cure of cancer from the killer wasps venom? These corporates only want money. Why was Tesla basically wiped off history books? Why are we fighting wars for oil when alternative means ate easily establishable. Believe me you may think this off subject but a handful of corporations rule the world. So yes, big pharma is one of them. Wake up.

          2. Jho,

            Check out Curaderm BEC5 (a skin cancer cure I have personal experience with) and Rigvir and ask yourself why these are not mass produced in the US.

          3. Well said.
            I had the pleasure of working for “big pharma” as a post doc Chemistry grad and I can assure you no one is sitting around a table thinking “how can we screw humanity”. I say to the conspiritards, skill up and see for yourself if it’s so easy. Get involved. You make the difference. People who complain and do nothing are the worst, they are a net drain on society whilst contributing nothing themselves.

            Of course these are companies that are out to make money, they wouldn’t exist otherwise. And if people can earn a living and cure cancer then they are making a difference. They are still contributing more to human knowledge than I suspect all of the complainers put together.

            So they have contributed nothing and not cured cancer. Wow aren’t you a stand out human.

            Put your money where your mouth is, if it’s so easy to make a living and save humanity… go show us how it’s done. The likes of Buffet and Gates are doing this – go join them. Unfortunately we can’t all be bank rolled by billionaires.

            The rest of us will carry on making a living and if we save some lives along the way I achieved more than the conspiracy nuts bashing on the keyboards in anger.

            Someone needs to wake up, and it’s not me.

          4. All those who think there is a magic cure for cancer that has been hidden, ask yourself this: If it is all about the money then why would someone like Jackie Kennedy or the other super rich folks who have died from cancer not purchased the secret drug or treatment? Certainly if the group of persons hiding the cure could have gotten super rich beyond belief from her and her family.

          5. Former President Jimmy Carter’s brain cancer – CURED!

            Imunotherapy drug that cured him promptly pulled from clinical trails because it was deemed ineffective!

            This isn’t a conspiracy theory – this is fact!

          6. So you think a Pharma would do what was in the best interests of mankind over what’s best for the bottom line? Very optimistic of you, but more likely just naive.

          7. Why cure it when you can just expensively treat it forever? People are so deceived and naive…

          8. To all the nay sayers; it makes no financial sense to suppress cures. You say they make more money when there is disease than when people are healthy? They also make more money when everyone is alive. If you die from cancer or some other disease, you spend no more money on anything.

            You say they make more money on long term treatments than on cures? Yeah, probably. But there are no long term treatments for cancer. You either are cured or you die. Some people will live a few years after diagnosis, but many of them die within a year. So, how much money did they make on letting you die? Again, they don’t get to sell you any more drugs for anything once you’re dead.

            Oh, and Bob, Former President Carter does not have brain cancer. He had skin cancer that spread to his brain. And they didn’t pull the drug he was treated with from clinical trials because they deemed it ineffective. They pulled it from trials because it proved so effective they wanted everyone to have a chance to take it. In clinical trials, only half of patients get the drug. The other half get a placebo. Now, everyone gets to take it. And THAT is factual.

            Yeah, at the end of the day pharmaceutical companies will do what’s best for the bottom line. And what’s best for the bottom line is to keep you alive. That means finding cures and more effective treatments for cancer.

          9. Spot on! Objective, rational, and most reality-based stance one could take. You’ll not find a warm welcome here I’m afraid. People are really dug into these ”Big” conspiracies. They all make the assumption that the players within these ”Big” bodies can agree to perpetuate a common conspiracy. The truth of the matter is, they are all in competition with one another. It is precisely financial gains that would push a company to develop and market a cure. And to call it ”natural” is a stretch. True, the compounds were first isolated from a natural source. All medicines are. But nature rarely provides us the potency to fight disease quickly. Thus these compounds get produced synthetically… identical to their natural source, to a molecule… it is the same with EBC-46. If you go to their website, you’ll see that the compounds are now synthesized. This prevents them from having to clear cut Northern Australia for the materials. And alas, I’ve waisted a valuable portion of the day to address age old conspiracy hyperbole. I said I wouldn’t do this anymore.

          10. You must work for one. Dumbest shit on the Web I have read in years. Your a special kind of stupid if you think they care about a cure!

          11. Big pharma don’t want to cure because they will induce their profit. Insted they find ways to keep people on the edge between life and deth to ensure that they will have no time or will to dig in.

          12. But their are hundreds of instances of big pharma not being interested in naturally based unpatentable cures for diseases… Its the documented fact not a theory

          13. How could you not think Big Pharma isn’t into healing? They demonstrate why daily. Treating symptoms instead of providing cures keeps patients coming back. They will not produce a natural product no matter how effective because they can’t patent it. They would “bury” it like they have other effective treatments. Drug companies can patent a natural substance by slightly changing the formula from the naturally occurring product. Look at the markets for Statins and Proton Pump Inhibitors. Billions made and now we know that neither is actually safe to use long term. Same with synthetic estrogen. Follow the money.

          14. Bravo and thank you from a researcher tired of hearing about a worldwide conspiracy of tens of thousands of my colleagues, all of whom would be willing to see their loved ones die in order to make money treating cancer.

          15. Thank you! sometimes in these forums common sense actually prevails. You are correct. Doctors desperately want to find a cancer med. So do pharma companies. There is no conspiracy to “keep people sick” I have NH Lymphoma and I am alive because of the proven treatment we already have.
            I dont like side effects but chemo is much better than it was. Many, many lives are saved with the “traditional treatments” My mother had cancer three different times in her life Fist time was a complete cure. Second time it did not show up for 7 years, but she would have died then. They gave her that 7 years.
            If there is promise in this drug which there doesnt seem to be, but if there is, you will see it tested and brought to the market. thats how it works and im sorry it just isnt as fascinating as black helicopters, CEOs who meet up to thwart cancer cures. You all read too much Patterson and Crichton.

          16. Probably we humans are tired of medicine telling us what is wrong with us but as always, they can’t cure it. Cutting, chemopoison, or radiation is wrong, in fact medieval. Invent medical science!!!

          1. As a farmer, let me tell you why organic (no chemical food) is more expensive. You have to grow a lot more of it because it gets wiped out by bugs, disease, etc. You have to charge more to make it profitable.

          2. In reply to Daniel Gunther, Rigvir itself has not been approved by the FDA but another type of oncolytic virotherapy was approved by the FDA in 2015, so they are actually making a move toward newer treatments like that, just not that specific brand name of virotherapy.

        3. they dont need that much time if it work it work . those pharma monsters if they cant patent it . then they will hide it from the world

        4. This molecule IS patented– by the company that discovered it. Just because it’s a natural product doesn’t mean it can’t be patented.

        5. Incorrect. They can make money from it. While the substance is found in nature, it can be synthesised. i.e. exact copies made in the laboratory. Manufacturing the substance will make money. It is no accident that it is a pharmaceutical company that found it with their research. The chemical is 12-tigloyl-13-(2-methylbutanoyl)-6,7-epoxy-4,5,9,12,13,20-hexahydroxy-1-tiglian-3-one. I think EBC-46 sounds less “chemical”. Half the income for pharmaceutical companies is by reproducing naturally found compounds. They are atom for atom identical. Who do you think it is making billions from vitamins and minerals – Pharmaceutical companies. Stop being paranoid over imagined conspiracies.

        6. That’s not true. Thousands of pharmaceutical drugs are made from natural compounds, but they have to be refined and tested and often tweaked so they can be safe and efficient. While you can’t patent the berry or fungus or whatever the active ingredient comes from, you can absolutely patent the drug you derived from them. If this turns out to be an efficient drug, the companies will be falling over themselves and each other to get the rights to manufacture and sell it.

        7. That’s not true. You can get a use patent. And a semi synthetic derivative would be protectable with a composition of matter patent as has happened with analogues of Taxol.

        8. And. That is why it is taking so long hmmm how can we patent this … looks like we can …well this is gonna take some time.

        9. This is the key to why we don’t have any other options in the market yet. If the medicine is natural nobody can take patents and makes money of it, and cancer is a billion or trillion dollar business. They don’t want to find the cure. Dont trust the pharmancy companies. They don’t care about us. They care about cash. Srinivas your absolutely right! I’ve lost my trust in humanity.

        10. Ecologic already has the patent for this … these companies know how to make money… they got this berry banned from the aus market sayi g people would try homemade products tgat will be dangerous… and since it is grown in a very small part of a rain forest in queensland aus they already controll it…

        11. EXTREME Immorality – if drug companies are holding back cures

          Beware ov Greed —- for Greed is

          ——————–I N F I N I T E———————

        12. Not enough people seeing whats going on or too scared to do anything. The land of the free is no more! Our rights are constantly being taken away. The government is supposed to be for the people and its run by people with money who have to have money before they can become elected they want to take guns away that way we cannot revolt against them. The police are supposed to protect and serve us most of time citizens are being bullied tasered or shot . We do what we are told by government they supposed to listen to us. The pharmaceutical companies are helped out by Gates and his cronies who all own a piece of them. Gates isn’t a medical man why is making decisions about our lives why do we have to take his vaccine and be marked or microchiped . If we don’t we can’t get work aid or the right to shop. Land of the free? They can watch our every move listen to what we say if they dont like it they remove it or the person or both. What we have here is a nation of people being scared and bullied into what the very rich and power hungry want and turning the people of a once great nation into a bunch of sheep . And Gates wants to contiue his fathers work depopulating the planet. , hes got a head start with some of his vaccines already like the women he accidentally sterilized OOPS ! The texas politician who wants the elderly to give up their lives and says hes willing to do it , REALLY ? Hes helping run the state , he is working for the government , he’s a freaking looney tune, the elderly a waste of money and resources hmm how old is Gates , Fauci , the president, most members of congress , senators, are they going to line up to be euthanized like they want the elderly to? They going to keep on and it won’t be long before some start taking shots at the elderly for the greater good. If you havent noticed that since those few moms bitched about spanking kids that children today are rude , don’t give crap what parents say the feeling of family is disappearing , they know parents can’t control any more ,the kids just yell abuse , we have teens killing their parents and others with no emotion, kids thinking that their grandparents are disposable, i reckon that puts a stop to grandmothers house we go for the holidays. Pretty soon the once great people of this nation will be a nation of slaves for the elite of the world., or maybe wiped out, after all everything is becoming disposable! Is there any hope? Its kinda late now, should have paid attention to those who were trying to make you see it years ago before we lost almost all our rights. It would take the people to do something now , cant see it happening too many want to stick their head in the sand and butt in the air and say take me!
          We should hang our heads in shame
          IT’S All ABOUT THE MONEY AND THE POWER! If you don’t have that then you’re really just a waste of space and resources and better off eliminated for the greater good of the elite of the world . I don’t know how the rest of this nation feels but i myself have a grieving heart and my thoughts of what more horrors we have to witness being done to supposedly help us ignorant little not billionaire people , just chills me to the bones and even worse what will happen to my daughter my 3 grandchildren when I’m gone scares me beyond belief. I f there is any decent humans working in the senate and congress who are not out to destroy we the people, not greedy and in cahoots with all the power hungry emotionless beings running the country, now would be a good time to lend we the people a helping hand so we can fix this nation , just remember they lie to us , they could be lying to you as long as you have a use. for them, food for thought!-

    2. This IS chemotherapy. If this is given to cancer patients, it will immediately be referred to as a “chemotherapy” drug and administered accordingly. What else would they call it? And one most hilarious aspects of this is that you’ll probably (and other anti-western medicine advocates) talk about how horrible this “chemotherapy drug” is in whatever new name its give and fight against it so this “new” drug can be administered having no idea it’s literally the same thing. What did you think this possible new drug is made out of? Bubbles and happiness? Everything has chemicals in it. This will cause side effects if it works.

      1. Exactly. I have just had chemo for breast cancer, using a compound derived from a plant! Honestly, people’s arrogance about expertise beyond their reckoning is astounding. And irritating to those of us who live because of the pharmaceutical companies, not in spite of them!

      2. EBC 46 caused the death of my dog in a trial study. It’s not a safe drug. Anaphylactic seizures and severe pain and swelling

        1. Hi Missy
          Sorry to hear about the death of your dog. When and what was the trial? Mast cell tumours?


    3. YEs! My brother-in-law had stage 1 Esophageal cancer; received chemo and radiotherapy. After finishing the treatment, he died as a result of the radiotherapy damaging his lungs!!

      1. I have a friend who was critically ill with cancer. Thanks to chemotherapy she is currently free of tumours and recovering nicely.

    4. Yes but it is expensive so they win money from chemotherapy. If this one Ebc46 is cheap it will never cime to the people who need it

    5. I think they are having difficulty finding out how to control it’s access from the public. they’re having difficulty cornering the market and monetizing it. That is what I think the holdup is and that’s why you can’t find out what the exact name is, if it’s a fruit extract and they’re having success with it we’re all eating fruits. they’re trying to monetize it corner market so that they can inflate the price and milk us dry. That what I think.

    6. People are right about these big pharma companies. I know personally. The drug prednisone ruined my life but doctors keep giving it to people. And you can’t sue them. Everything’s designed for doctors, lawyers and pharmaceutical companies to make money. Probably this E BC 46 won’t be worth a sh*t when “they” are done taking out key components from the actual plant.

    7. Because the doctor’s get to pocket 4,000 every prescription of chemotherapy, knowing it is proven NOT to work about90% of the time!

    8. Agree! There are very few liver cancer drugs and results are either terrible side effects, no improvement or perhaps a few months extra life.

    9. Even if this proved successful it’s development would almost certainly be strangely stifled by the seriously fat fingers buried in so many pies…!

    10. Exactly. People are waking up to chemo and radiotherapy. I won’t go near them if I get cancer. They are basically a death sentence. They only reduce the tumour not get rid of the cancer, hence ‘remission’ not cured.

    11. EBC 46 was so successful that the FDA stopped that 2 nd human trails in Asia. No adverse effects, no deaths nothing just cancer cells destroyed. Even in the reports from the doctors themselves stated no side effects at all.
      The documentation from Australia over 5 years in human trails showed no downside in using EBC 46. Why? If EBC 46 is so effective on killing cancer, how much money would be lost for the drug companies?

    12. I agree. It’s nothing short of a hefty Double Standard that established medicine is willing to accept or tolerate the dangerous toxicities of prescribed chemo and radiation therapies while at the same time only accepting or tolerating near zero toxicities for promising natural compounds.

  2. You think the Pharmas will be happy losing millions on chemo drugs? Like an ex-pharmaceutical student who was selling gas and electricity told me as I asked him the question why he had given up his career. He said it was “all about money”.

  3. Is it possible to read about cancer without someone coming up with these ridiculous ,unintelligent and unproven conspiracy theories about how Big Pharma is hiding the cure for cancer because it would take away their profits? Are these conspiracy theorists seriously saying that the CEOs of pharmaceutical companies would risk themselves and their loved ones dying of cancer while they supress a cure,all to make money? And if monetary gain is the motive are they aware how many billions could be made by whoever finds a cure for cancer? And yes drug discovery is a business. If anyone disagrees, they should feel free to spend hundreds of millions of their own dollars doing research on drugs, many of which fail, then when they find the few effective drugs, give them away free and we’ll see how long they’ll be able to keep doing that! I’m so sick to death of the ignorance and superstition being spread by conspiracy theorists with not a shred of proof to support their ranting

      1. If the people working at pharmaceutical companies figured out the cure for cancer in the 1920s when we didn’t even understand DNA, then why has no one in the thousands of labs in academia (paid for by our tax dollars and/or funds from cancer societies) been able to catch up to them and figure this out? Or do you think every single person in the HUGE field of cancer research is just motivated by the money? Just to be clear, this would mean everyone from the physician scientists who treat patients suffering from this disease to the graduate students and post-docs who are paid 30-50k a year to actually do the hands-on parts of the research to the thousands of researchers who are working on cancer drugs in pharmaceutical companies now.

          1. Many “drugs” you’re referring to begin as natural substances that are modified to be used safely as therapeutic agents (Taxol, Paclitaxel, etc.). A synthetic version of the EBC-46 molecule can easily be patented for use in treatment. Not everything is a damn conspiracy. The millions of individuals in the healthcare industry are not all trying to screw you. Please do some research into how much money is spent by pharmaceutical companies annually on research for the development of new therapies. How the hell do you think this compound (EBC-46) was even discovered? Also, QBiotics has current patents pending in many major countries, including the US, so do some research.

      2. You’re a flog! Which cure was that? Stop watching shit on Rv and start getting a real education champ! You’re embarrassing yourself

      3. The cure to what cancer? You do realize there are tons of different cancers with infinite number of mechanisms for why they appear? Hence to why they are all treated differently. Cancer is a by product of being alive for a long time, your cells divide so often, and are exposed to enough things that are damaging that eventually something will go wrong. The idea that we will ever have a cancer “cure” is just laughably naive and shows how little you understand. There is a ton of different mechanisms for dealing with this as well, and a mistake in any one of those can lead to cancer as well. Hence to why AGE is the most important risk factor for cancer. You people act like humans would live forever if there wasn’t big pharma or chemicals in our food. Or if birth defects, cancer, whatever didn’t exist before the advent od modern science. People died alot earlier and by alot of reasons that we can absolutely CURE now. We are all meant to die. The fact that people can’t comprehend “why is food with chemicals in it cheaper” is a real depressing concept for the intelligence of humanity. Chemicals/GMOs aren’t in food for the heck of it, its because it increases the yield of our food sources whether thats via bacteria, weather, whatever. We don’t have massive famines like we used to for these reasons when we have a hard winter now. Lastly, big pharm is not this eye in the sky controlling everything. People at private and public institutions across the world have a role in researching disease and medicine, they are not all secretly conspiring to sabotage their own research to keep the world sick. To suggest so is insulting to anyone who has devoted their time and intelligence to science.

      4. Please explain what “the cure for cancer” is…Cancer is a generalized term covering many different diseases each requiring specific treatments or “cures”. All these big pharma comments seem to suppose that all these cancers seem to have one miracle cure that is being suppressed by a gentlemans agreement between competing pharmaceutical companies.

    1. Haha, are you serious? You need to wake up buddy. Conspiracy theories are based on activities and stories that are hidden and/or covered up. The Pharmacy industry is so blankety the biggest and most greediest corrupt industry in the world, coming in and ranking just above the banking industry, they have a history of covering up simple natural drugs and replacing them with patented own products. It’s a fact, not conspirecy. But feel free to gulp down all the crap the Pharmacy are telling you and giving you.

      1. youre right! big pharma is the biggest covert organised crime in history! they keep using chemo with a 98% failure after 80 years ! they hide any cures and allow 8 million people a year to die to maintain a trillion dollar killing industry! the cancer councils are evil as well, not wanting a cure!

    2. @Zen I think you are being a little naive. Decisions made in large pharmaceutical corporations are made by CEOs and boards of directors, who do not need and rarely have any education in medicine. They are business managers who are held to a fiduciary mandate to generate the highest possible return on investment. This may or may not overlap with a clinician’s desire to reduce human pain and suffering. The business managers control the company. The health professionals, researchers and clinicians, are employees who can be fired and hired as needs be. The corporation produces goods and services that are a vehicle for generating revenue, not for curing disease. If necessary, they would switch to producing widgets if there was more profit in it.

    3. Pharma not about the money? One word oxycodone, in the american opioid crisis thousands of people die. Due to that fact american doctors prescribe less oxycodone. Now oxys get shipped all over the world to make sure they can keep on sellimg this product, willingly and knowingly it is highly addictive and people are dying. Americans are 5 percent of the worlds population but use 75 percent of the worlds psychoactive drugs. Let that sink in.

    4. Agree. Also over 70% of “Big” Pharma’s production are from natural sources. They are the ones leading the research into naturally occurring substances with pharmaceutical applications. They are the ones who have to provide evidence based medicines at great cost regardless of its source.
      Big-AldMed on the other hand conducts little or no research and makes billions on testimonial based “medicines” sold as food supplements to avoid responsibility for their inflated claims.

  4. Dr Otto Warburg received 2 Nobel prizes for cancer research and it’s cure in the 1930’s. I personally know a cancer research scientist that walked out of a cancer research laboratory in the 1980’s because he said we have known about a cure for decades. It’s all about money and population control. Nitrilosides B17 a anticancer substance – Banned. 100% grape seed extract – Banned and I can keep going because all are anti cancer agents. Whoever thinks this is a conspiracy theory needs to wakeup and live in the real world!!!

    Plus it’s written into the cancer research legislation that all government funding world wide will be stopped once a cure has been found, meaning Trillions of dollars gone and thousands of lost jobs. Don’t believe me, then read it!!!

    1. Dude, you’re a moron. I have cancer (had, hopefully) and have spent thousands of hours probably studying it. B17 is a bullshit quack science compound (it was named B17 for marketing purposes to make it sound like a vitamin) that breaks down into cyanide in your blood. It possibly cures cancer in the same way that a bullet to the brain would cure it. Almost all of these “natural cures” spouted online are people trying to make a profit off of scared and uninformed people who are afraid of chemo and surgery. Cancer, by it’s very nature, is extremely complex and hard to cure exactly because the cancer cells have essentially turned into super-survivor cells that start to act independently of the body’s control. Which means they’ve evolved a way to avoid immune system response, among other survival mechanisms. Additionally, each different type of cancer are from different origin cells, which means some “magic bullet” for all types of cancer is highly unlikely. The idea that “Big Pharma is hiding the cure” is plausible until you consider that “Big Pharma” doesn’t control cancer research worldwide. There are also university hospital researchers, researchers in communist or socialist countries like China or Scandinavia, as well as doctors at major cancer hospitals who do research. You’re actually suggesting that every doctor worldwide who are trying to treat cancer patients, and who have to watch them die, are so evil that they’d rather avoid any research that won’t benefit “Big Pharma”, or avoid “proven” cures that would heal their patients, and watch them die, for profit. Do you realize that cancer researchers have family members occasionally who die from cancer? The stupidity alone of your argument wouldn’t warrant a response, except that it pushes people who actually have cancer to waste money on BS “cures” that profit the companies who make the B17 pills, or grape seed extract pills, or whatever, and essentially scare them into dying when, sometimes, they don’t have to. Yes, cancer sucks. Yes, it sucks that doctors can’t cure all cancer. But this is the real world, not some fantasy world where a “heal all wounds” spell will make the cancer go away. Doctors aren’t all-knowing, omnimpotent gods with control over all biological processes in the body. And encouraging scared cancer patients to throw their lives away and die painfully because you’re to stupid to do research and think logically about the things that you promote is a disservice to them. The drug above seems promising, as do a few other natural compounds (research “longvida curcumin or BCM-95 curcumin”, research “EGCg”, the green tea compound) but even these aren’t so much “cures” as things which may potentially have some effect based on research. But don’t spread your idiocy and condemn others to poisoning themselves with cyanide when there are real ways to increase one’s chances of surviving cancer that are based on science. Your “information” is based on conspiracy sites, debunked “studies”, and blogs by people hoping to cash in on cancer in exactly the way that you’re accusing “Big Pharma”.

        1. Ditto. The people pushing their natural cure, and I Do, want to believe there are some, are making a dollar of of you as well, without the science. It is too easy to put ALL the blame here or there. I think there have been some cover ups and there is some greed, but not everywhere, all the time. Do your home work and research. These blanket judgements occur so much in our society and politics. It’s killing us. And the accusers sound so negative and hateful, vs factual. I see both sides. But do get tired of the conspiracy brainwashing. I am a bit of a conspiracist myself, but I want to be cautious, balanced. I am continually shocked at the kinds of responses folks give that are ugly, Un civilized, hateful and so negative you gotta consider that aspect before you can hear what they are trying to say. Their negativity eclipses any potential truth to what they may be saying…

      1. I agree to 99%! Well said!

        Then there’s “There are […] researchers in communist or socialist countries like China or Scandinavia, as well as doctors at major cancer hospitals who do research”.

        You obviously don’t know anything about Scandinavia. Like for example “Openness”, “Freedom”, “Democracy” or “The Nobel Prize”… or that one of the world’s top medical research universities is in Stockholm (Karolinska).

        “communist or socialist countries”… jeez

      2. And we are to believe that you actually have cancer and B17 does nothing because you say so?

    2. Ha, Ha, Ha. Love a good laugh. Don’t ask people to read it unless you provide references to the actual evidence. If you have done any actual research beyond accessing conspiracy sites.

  5. Many natural compounds have been brought to us by Big Bad Pharma. Gila monster venom is the chemical compound in Byetta and Bydureon that has helped many diabetics. Milk Thistle is in the veterinary drug Denamarin and a human injection that treats people who have eaten poisonous mushrooms that damage livers. It simply is not true that Big Pharma ignores natural remedies because they won’t make them money. Most natural remedies do not pass double-blinded controlled clinical testing so they do not work.

  6. It works, its a berry from rainforest,its natural. No fucking side effects. They just make excuses these pharmas to keep selling million dollars fucking chemicals like chemo. Inject it to lungs or blood stream, i bet it cures all cancers like lungs etc. Hell all good cures are natural and can be found on the land.

    1. You’ve NO idea what you’re talking about. Stop reading these conspiracy theory bullshit websites and start reading real,objective,scientific FACTS!just last night i was with the research couple who discovered this drug.they’re trying their damndest to bring it to market but it’s a long, hard and expensive journey. And the regulation is for the protection of the public from unscrupulous quacks and dangerous substances.They’ve been at it for 16 years and there’s still a way to go before we see it in pharmacies. Do you have any idea how much money it costs to spend 16 years researching a drug?? 16 years not making a cent but still have to pay the bills? You say it cures ALL cancers. That’s total crap. I’ve no idea which toilet of a conspiracy theory website you pulled it from. According to the couple who isolated this chemical it does NOT cure all cancers. They say so themselves. Are you saying they’re lying? Do you claim to know their drug better than they do? The woman’s SISTER died from liver cancer! If it could cure she would have used it to cure her sister!If you want the real facts go to their website and read what cancers it’s been successfully tested on in research and which cancers it can’t cure. You’ll learn far more from that than from the garbage websites where you get your ignorant crap

      1. BULLSHIT! You are just a shill for the global medical/pharma cabal!

        ALL current cancer treatments POISON and TORTURES people with drugs and radiation that ARE KNOWN TO DO HARM. People survive in spite of the ‘treatment’ not because of them. It is modern medieval medical practice – no different than the use of leeches and bleeding was to cure a cold!

        In spite of this, nothing else is ALLOWED to be used no matter how benign the side effects or the effectiveness. A person with a terminal illness is fundamentally prevented from using potential cancer cures by an industry that is hell bent to prevent a cure from becoming public knowledge! The person is GOING to die anyway – usually while being poisoned and tortured and bled dry of their life savings in the process but no they cannot try something else – because it could potentially ‘hurt’ them! The utter ABSURDITY of the arguments and justification used to prevent potential cancer cures from being used by the public at large is nothing short of CRIMINAL! I have followed several viable clinical trials of drugs, immuno-therapy and alternative ultra-low dose radio-frequency treatments at both the animal and human levels and each and every time they are found to be viable CURES they have just disappeared into some black hole holding company that produces no further research or reports.

        1. That’s a rather cynical approach to looking at this. The cancers that require chemo and radiation therapy intervention will eventually kill you. Yes treatment for these cancers have a lot of negative side effects since the drugs you are using target healthy cells (to a lesser extent) since it can’t differentiate between cancer cells and your own cells (since cancer cells by all genetic means are your own cells that have undergone mutations to avoid normal bodily controls). Radiation therapy also isn’t precise enough yet to target only the tumor cells since these things are closely surrounded by your own tissue.

          So yes cancer treatment sucks and reduces quality of life. But would you rather die for sure by leaving the cancer alone or undergoing palliative care or fight through the side effects in hopes of a chance to survive a disease that was by all means a decade or two ago a death sentence to most individuals.

          Now for alternative treatments, there are many drugs that make it to clinical trial that fail out. Drug production is a very long and difficult process. Of 100,000 drugs that meet preliminary requirements, maybe a few 100 drugs get to clinical trials and from that batch maybe 1-2 drugs meet the efficacy (they have equal or better therpaeutic effect than current therapy) and safety requirements (they won’t kill you) to be sold to the public. There have been drugs that looked promising into clinical trials that have failed out because it literally kills the patient within a day or two. So it’s not big pharmacy trying to screw you over when you see most of the research disappear that looked promising early into clinical trials.

          I’m not sure what you are referring to by ultra low dose radiation frequency therapy for cancer. We have potential radioablation for regression, or variable doses of standard radiation therapy.

          But regardless… I hope you can see some things from a physicians point of view. We have a drug/treatment that is not ideal but have been proven by 100s of study to help treat cancer, vs a drug that looks promising preclinically (animal studies) but have almost no research done on human trials. The doctor would go to the standard treatment 100% of the time because it’s backed by research. For all we know the alternative drug can be better than standard treatment but more likely it could also not be. The thing is the doctor won’t risk a patients life on clinical trial drugs unless he/she shows no response to standard treatment (in fact this is a requirement for pretty much all clinical drug trial patients).

          It isn’t about trying to keep cancer alive to make more money. Cancer is complicated and there isn’t one way to cure them because for all practical pursposes each cancer is a different disease requiring a slightly different therapy in each individual. And the research simply haven’t caught up with it.

          not trying to attack you or anything, but I hope you believe a little less that everyone in the healthcare industry is out for money. Cancer is an enemy of humanity or just the current patients. I am not saying the pharmaceutical and medical industry is clear of all corruption but there are many people in and outside the industry that are working to find better ways to treat cancer.

        2. “nothing else is ALLOWED to be used”

          “I have followed several viable clinical trials of drugs, immuno-therapy and alternative ultra-low dose radio-frequency treatments at both the animal and human levels and each and every time they are found to be viable CURES they have just disappeared into some black hole holding company that produces no further research or reports”

          Unless you post a link or two (or some other reference), you’re just lying.
          “leeches and bleeding”? – you obviously don’t know that leeches are used in modern treatment today?

          Try getting.. educated? https://www.mooc-list.com/course/exploring-cancer-medicines-futurelearn

          1. I’m not wrong – you’re just in denial. I’m not scared – just pissed off after watching several of my friends and family go through the absurd medieval poisoning and torture of chemo and surgery only to die a miserable death over a period of months and years!

            Yes, big pharma is keeping this from being made available to the public – you just don’t want to believe that could be the case.

            Here is just ONE link to answer you with. I could prove more but just this one could have been curing cancer for the last few years. It was over a decade since this CURE was discovered and it has disappeared since the completion of the incredibly successful 100% effective animal trials without ANY side effects! Way better than any immunotherapy.


        3. Have you heard of Herceptin? I suspect not. It is a monoclonal antibody that causes very few, if any side effects. It was developed by a pharmaceutical and has been saving the lives of people whose cancer over expresses HER2 (I’m sure you don’t know what that is either) since 1995. It doesn’t work all the time but no remedy does. People shouldn’t blather on about things they don’t know.

    2. Crap. A natural rain-forest berry here in Australia is looking promising as a treatment for lumpy cancers. It is touted as a miracle cure by the alternatives who also claim it has no side-effects. It is in fact effective because it is highly toxic to both cancer and normal body cells. It is injected directly into cancer lumps to minimise toxic side effects. Vets have been trialling it for a while with successful outcomes. Oh NO it is in fact Chemo Therapy!

  7. While it is true that large corporations obviously need to make money (that is the whole point of being in business after all) some of the suggestions here are plainly swivel eyed. If there was a certain cure for cancer it would not be being hidden, or suppressed, it would be being marketed.

    If there was a secret cure then there would be a group of well connected people who miraculously recover – unless of course you also suggest that the evil research scientists would even keep this secret knowledge from their own family? Then again, given some of the bunkum posted in this thread, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. Who needs reality when fantasy is so much more interesting.

    If you have cancer and are reading this, I wish you well.

  8. My wife has been diagnoses for cancer started utters and than moved to her chest and now into her brain. Have done Chemo, radiations and last Cibernife treatment. Now we are waiting for the results of the Cibernife. Please send me an email if there are any other cures that we can do. God bless all and wish all cancer pationats altimate cures. Thanks

  9. Like all cancer cures – the global medical industrial cabal will make this disappear as well.
    Many have already been ‘disappeared’ into holding companies
    Step 1 – Patent a naturally occurring compound.
    Step 2 – Find out if it works to determine if it is worth the effort and resources to suppress and if it does…
    Step 3 – Claim that it is unsafe and failed clinical trials and transfer the patents to some black hole holding company.

    Any and all cancer cures will be made to disappear because ANY cure would decimate the global multi-$TRILLION$ medical/pharma business that is designed to bleed the sick of their money using the modern equivalent of medieval torture and poisoning to achieve an early death. Because the dead cannot fight back!

    1. Bob, if you were the EVIL CEO of a failing ‘MEDIUM TO UPPER BIG PHARMA’ company and you had the cure for cancer, you would just release it and make your company hundreds of BILLIONS – in spite of your competetition potentially losing TRILLIONS (poor ‘bigger pharma’). That would make you a really good evil CEO. If money was the object… ‘little pharma’ would JUMP at the chance… and you sir, are a LOON!

  10. How the heck are we going to stop misinformation distorting the truth. Bob, frankly you are crazy wrong and intense and harmful. I shouldn’t of read the comment section. It’s an exciting new drug working on stopping solid tumours that’s all I wanted to know but none of the comments are about that. None are about whether people think it will work in clinical trials. These are just angry people yelling because they’re scared. Cancer is scary, so believing that big pharma has the “cure” and is hiding it is easier than realising we don’t have much control over cancer. We are trying really hard and fighting really hard and Bob you won’t ever believe I word I say. Because you are scared. And sometimes it feels better to hold anger instead of vulnerability. I am so sorry for you Bob. You will never see how your sources lied to you. You will never see how you spread those lies.

  11. I’ve read all these posts and I can see both sides. I’m sure there are some doctors and researchers who are dedicated to finding a cure. I’m sure some of the alternative cures being suppressed are actually just money making BS. I have absolutely zero faith in Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big banks, Big Oil, etc… It is a good point that no other independent government anywhere in the world has found a cure. I’m not sure if Big Pharma fully controls every entity on Earth. Then again there’s a good chance they do. DeBeers controls the whole world’s diamond supply. The recent discovery of quadrillions of dollars in diamonds in the Russian Popigai crater didn’t lower the price by a cent. I think there’s a good chance that there is not a Cure-All since cancer is a mutation of cells trying to survive against what the body wants. I seem to remember a new approach of taking a sample of someone’s cancer and then designing a treatment specifically for that cancer. This sounds like a great idea. McAffe anti virus software has been doing this for decades. It is constantly updated to combat each new virus. I seem to remember it being named Provenge treatment which currently costs about $23,000 per month in the US. That is the key to the puzzle right there folks. Cost is what convinces me beyond any doubt that the industry is corrupt. Every new technology is expensive and then steadily comes down in price as it’s developed. Cancer treatments just keep going up. When computers first came out they were ungodly expensive. Thirty or Forty years later they were affordable and everybody has one. Chemotherapy has been in use since the 50’s and keeps getting more expensive every year. And don’t tell me chemotherapy is more complicated than computers. It’s not. It’s based on Mustard gas from WW1. This isn’t rocket science. Even if it were it would still be cheaper because we now have cheap reusable rockets and micro satellites. So if I get cancer, my cure will most likely be a bullet to the head. I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave my family in hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical debt while they cry over me and watch me deteriorate then lose everything I’ve worked my whole life to provide for them. NO. Thanks for nothing Big Pharma.

    1. John, if you care to dive into the subject at all, you’d see that the company that developed Provenge went bankrupt due to the high cost of producing that patient-specific custom drug. The newer the science/technology and the more custom the drug, the higher the cost of producing a safe and effective product. A cursory search shows that the three treatments cost what other products did, but in a space of a month vs months of ongoing treatment with those other drugs. The new hope lies in immunotherapy, in using the patient’s own immune system to safely fight the cancer. This technology will cost more than chemotherapy, but should provide a better life for patients until we find a way to prevent or cure each of the diverse types of cancer that afflict us.

      1. The ‘discovery’ that cancer can be killed by one’s own immune system is not surprising. The understanding of cancer has evolved from being initially classified as a disease at the beginning of the 20th century to more recently what it really is – a failure of one’s cell reproduction and the body’s own immune system to destroy cells that have gone haywire.

        Decades ago my father (who was not a doctor) understood this along with a small percentage of other people at the time that cancer was not a disease but in fact a byproduct of cell reproduction gone haywire was considered an absurd theory. The medical industry was at the same time calling such a theory garbage science.

        For the last 65+ years medical ‘science’ (or should I say quackery) ‘treatment’ for cancer has and continues to use a horrific regime of radiation and a medieval chemical cocktail that all but kills a patient’s immune system (and a whole lot of other healthy cells) – the very immune system that is really needed to be operating at its full effect in order to be able to kill off the cancer cells in the first place! This ‘treatment’ has been sold to all of us as the only viable treatment for cancer and has resulted in a multi-$TRILLION$ industry that has willfully resisted every possible alternative treatment of cancer under the guise that they could be harmful to the patient!

        What is truly amazing is that this all started because in 1925 the Geneva Protocol banned chemical warfare ostensibly to prevent the Germans from using it. Of course, the good ol’ USA had no intention of complying with the Geneva Protocol. The US non-compliance was discovered when the SS John Harvey, a U.S. World War II Liberty ship most well known for carrying a secret cargo of mustard gas and whose sinking by German aircraft in December 1943 at the port of Bari in south Italy caused an unintentional release of chemical weapons. The USA had to come up with some way to cover for this egregious violation of the Geneva Protocol and so went about trying to justify the cargo.

        Ostensibly, a year before the bombing of the SS John Harvey two pharmacologists from the Yale School of Medicine, Louis S. Goodman and Alfred Gilman, had been recruited by the United States Department of Defense to investigate potential therapeutic applications of chemical warfare agents. (What better way to justify the continued production of such agents). Goodman and Gilman observed that mustard gas was too volatile an agent to be suitable for laboratory experiments. They exchanged a nitrogen molecule for sulfur and had a more stable compound in nitrogen mustard. A year into the start of their research a German air raid in Bari, Italy led to the exposure of more than one thousand people to the SS John Harvey’s secret cargo composed of mustard gas bombs. Dr. Stewart Francis Alexander, a Lieutenant Colonel who was an expert in chemical warfare, was subsequently deployed to investigate the aftermath. Autopsies of the victims suggested that profound lymphoid and myeloid suppression had occurred after exposure. In his report Dr. Alexander theorized that since mustard gas all but ceased the division of certain types of somatic cells whose nature was to divide fast, it could also potentially be put to use in helping to suppress the division of certain types of cancerous cells.

        Using this information, Goodman and Gilman reasoned that this agent could be used to treat lymphoma, since lymphoma is a tumor of lymphoid cells.

        So, the basis for the last 60+ years and the ‘standard’ and accepted cancer treatment today is based on the covering up and justification for the production and distribution of chemical weapons by the USA in violation of the Geneva Protocols.

        The result of this has been the overwhelming suppression of any other possible treatment modalities for DECADES!

        The irony of this is just too much….


  12. Years ago my niece, who was about 22 years old, announced to all of the children, at a large Christmas Eve gathering, that there was no Santa and she did not care what their parents told them. She had some tough times growing up and this is how it manifested. Today she has 3 children under 5 years old and enjoys the excitement created and perpetuates the Santa myth.
    Bob, we all have had some experiences and suffered. Someone asked, it seems in desperation, if you knew of any other potential treatments. Your response was another conspiracy statement. Please list some of these treatments, even the ones that have been squashed by corporations, with some facts, links, reputable sources, so people can learn about them, but don’t be a dick.

    1. Rudy,

      Oh stop trying to psychoanalyze me just because I am capable of thoughts beyond the sheeple’s propaganda driven capabilities.

      I already have further up. Just read my comments.


  13. It is successful…a woman was interviewed that got the shot and the tumor disappeared and didn’t have to have her arm amputated. It’s natural, no side effects…smh

    1. Sadly this very viable CURE will be ‘studied’ and in clinical ‘trials’ for the next decade or two and then it will mysteriously disappear like so many before it.

      The excuse for the lengthy trials will be to determine ‘efficacy’ and side effects meanwhile the medical/pharma industry will continue to poison, torture and surgically maim MILLIONS with chemo and radiation, while simultaneously draining their victims of their life savings, their family’s savings while their loved ones watch them wither and die a miserable death. Many on this board find this impossible to believe. They are in complete denial, unwilling to conceive the notion that profit is the medical/pharma cabal’s ONLY motivation. Any cure for cancer will immediately destroy $BILLIONS$ in revenue! Sure, there are wonderfully talented researchers and scientists that discover and refine CURES for cancer but in the end the GLOBAL medical/pharma cabal decides what the public can have access to.

      You would likely be better off harvesting this berry yourself and injecting your own tumour with the juice extracted in your own kitchen then waiting for this CURE to become available. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if EBC-46 is much more than a refined concentration of the natural molecule that is present in the raw juice with some trivial artificial modification so that it could be presented for patent as a man made substance. After all how was this berry’s curative powers discovered in the first place? It wouldn’t surprise me that they learned of the curative powers of this berry through some Aboriginal medicine man.

  14. The efficacy of EBC-46 in humans was published 2 YEARS ago and yet it is still not available for general use to treat cancer!!! Therefore the existance of this cure had already been through in vitro and animal trials YEARS before. There is simply NO EXCUSE for cure to not be available to the public!

    From http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0108887

    Intra-lesional chemotherapy for treatment of cutaneous malignancies has been used for many decades, allowing higher local drug concentrations and less toxicity than systemic agents. Here we describe a novel diterpene ester, EBC-46, and provide preclinical data supporting its use as an intra-lesional treatment. A single injection of EBC-46 caused rapid inflammation and influx of blood, followed by eschar formation and rapid tumor ablation in a range of syngeneic and xenograft models. EBC-46 induced oxidative burst from purified human polymorphonuclear cells, which was prevented by the Protein Kinase C inhibitor bisindolylmaleimide-1. EBC-46 activated a more specific subset of PKC isoforms (PKC-βI, -βII, -α and -γ) compared to the structurally related phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA). Although EBC-46 showed threefold less potency for inhibiting cell growth than PMA in vitro, it was more effective for cure of tumors in vivo. No viable tumor cells were evident four hours after injection by ex vivo culture. Pharmacokinetic profiles from treated mice indicated that EBC-46 was retained preferentially within the tumor, and resulted in significantly greater local responses (erythema, oedema) following intra-lesional injection compared with injection into normal skin. The efficacy of EBC-46 was reduced by co-injection with bisindolylmaleimide-1. Loss of vascular integrity following treatment was demonstrated by an increased permeability of endothelial cell monolayers in vitro and by CD31 immunostaining of treated tumors in vivo. Our results demonstrate that a single intra-lesional injection of EBC-46 causes PKC-dependent hemorrhagic necrosis, rapid tumor cell death and ultimate cure of solid tumors in pre-clinical models of cancer.

    1. Holy crap you have not read the article. This study is based off mouse models and cancer cell lines. Human phase clinical trials have started only in Jan 2015, and so far they’ve only have 8 patients. Please read everything before you spew shit.

  15. Everyone stands to lose someone from cancer. I just lost someone this morning. “Big Pharma” is comprised of people too. These people have family who will most certainly be affected by cancer. The only global conspiracy surrounding cancer is the conspiracy to cure it! Strides are being made but only time will tell.

  16. I’m fighting leukaemia and am shocked at so much negativity and uneducated comments here. Please lets try all we can to save our lives!!!!!!😉

  17. Clearly those of you who think there is a big pharma ‘cabal’ have never worked in a drug company! Perhaps if there was that level of collaboration we WOULD have better treatment options. As it is, there is little sharing of knowledge due to fear of intellectual property leaks in the race to have products approved first in a given indication. You may call that ‘money grubbing’, but in this business, he who gets there second is going to eat millions of dollars in expense for research, development and clinical trials because there is no market left in label space. Also, many novel oncology treatments that are making it to market are products of smaller companies that in no way resemble BIG PHARMA. Read about the small companies that have fallen by the wayside trying to get a better drug to market. There are quite a few. While it is true that chemo and radiation are still the standard of care for many forms of cancer, there are a fair number of biologics that are providing great results with much better quality of life attributes than the non-selective chemicals/radiation we are accustomed to using.

  18. Conspiracies and collaboration are ridiculous?

    Companies and government kill people for profit. Cigarettes, DuPont for cancer causing Teflon, Johnson & Johnson Talcum powder, GM ignition switches, VW’s smog. Takata airbags, etc., etc., etc. Gulf of Tonkin false flag. LBJ’s government and military hid civilian casualties for how long?! There is an entire industry built around suing drug companies for their lies and deceit that injures and kills people for goshsakes.

    So just stop denying it. It is more ridiculous to NOT believe in them. I mean I know it stinks to think we live in that kind of world, but we do. Just because you worked for a drug company that happened not to issue a company wide memo or press release letting you, or us, in on what they are doing doesn’t make it less true. I listed but a mere fraction of transgressions.

  19. So many conspiracy theorists contributing nothing.
    Oncologists are way ahead of conspirators when it comes to knowledge of promising cancer treatments. They are in the thick of it and you are not. Personal experience of a remission at a time when you take a potion is not evidence of a panacea. Popular media promotion of an apparently amazing alternative based on stories of a remarkable recovery is not evidence of a wonderful new cure. Oncologists are not living in a cloistered environment, hidden from the wonderful information to which you have access. You cannot teach them anything about the subject.

  20. Anyone who thinks there is some huge conspiracy should really rethink and research before pushing those ideas on others. I certainly won’t deny that there may be some promising drugs that never made it to market for one reason or another, but to accuse every cancer researcher in the world of selling out to “Big Pharma” is absurd. For one thing, isn’t it odd that people tout so many natural cancer cures, things that are readily available to everyone, but yet people still get cancer? I mean don’t you think if something just magically cured cancer we would all know and already be free of it? I mean when you get a cold, you go buy NyQuil because you know it will help. How do you know? Because everyone knows and uses it. Don’t you think if someone made a cancer cure, that they would want to sell it??? I mean financially it’s a gold mine! If you have a guaranteed cure then you can cure the same person over and over each time they get sick, instead of them dying off before you have a chance to sell them drugs for another problem. Living people are the only kind drug companies make money on. They have a vested interest in keeping people alive! Having a sister who survived cancer, I can definitely say she’s worth more to them now then she would be if she had died. Now she has to take meds for the rest of her life! And what makes you think that all these people are so cruel that they would let people die rather than the alternative. These may be companies, but they ARE run by people! Don’t you think one of those many people would have felt bad enough by now if they could be saving millions of lives to have come forward. Cancer is scary, but don’t let fear twist you into such a cynical viewpoint. And the sad part is, the reason it takes so long for drugs to make it to market is because of people like you! People that read false information and present it as fact. People that will push anything that appears to be natural, without even knowing the side effects. That’s why drugs have so much testing before they can be brought to market…..Because people will push anything they think they can make money. And people like you will snap it up if it appeals to your sensibilities! Someone on here mentioned how drug companies are responsible for many deaths due to the opiate epidemic. Wanna know what’s natural? Opiates! Ever heard of the opium poppy? It’s where many of those deadly drugs come from! Natural doesn’t mean safe!!! And for the record, you can patent natural things. I know I won’t get through to many people, if any, but it’s upsetting to me when people act like they know better than those with medical degrees and training. What if someone believes you and decides to take some natural, unproven cure instead of doing normal treatment. If my sister had, she would likely be dead now. So please think carefully before you speak. You could end up being the reason someone buries a family member.

  21. Hey Dave, You make a valid point. And I really don’t want to be an obstructionist with regards to what your saying, but keeping an open mind, and thinking critically and analytically is vital for furthering a common sense approach…
    Hey Doc, how’s that Maserati running? I bet the view is spectacular from your palm beach home on the water… Martini happy hour on the yacht at 5?How many have died with chemo? The real question, is how many survive? What does big Pharma pay you for a single treatment? How many people will come through your doors in an overpopulated society? Thousands more where they came from… And what about those patients ? Are you numb enough after so many have died? I believe you are… people run out of tears, when so many die… like a soldier in combat, or a cop on the front line their whole life… Only difference is they don’t make millions…Your arrogance is astounding, and I would wager you voted for Hillary Clinton… conspiracy theory my ass… Blinded by marble and gold, diamonds and emeralds… your education and undying tenacity to help mankind is astonishingly absent… Your own family sees the indifference, and lack of personality you’ve acquired in your line of work… But hey, they still love all you have done for them… especially those kids in college chanting antifa and just trying to fit in… All your wealth is for nothing when you can’t be a human being anymore… And breed the same mentality… Maybe that’s not you, but you know damn well many of your colleagues are as cold as ice. And probably don’t give a shit anymore… Big Pharma is a money laundering machine… Denial is not a river in Egypt… that second martini should help ease the pain… till you get cancer. And then maybe you’ll see that chemo is bullshit… and we’re all going to die anyway. I’d rather die, than pay for that new Rolls Royce …and leave nothing for my kids…. finding a good doctor is like trying to find a good lawyer, or even a good mechanic … It ain’t easy… They all suck till you need one. And how fortunate we are when we do…. God bless the good people in our world, for they are becoming far and few between… Hell, even our researchers have more money than God, scamming taxpayer money with grants, and donations… Big money certainly is “the root of all evil.” Don’t think so? Try giving it away to those starving and dying in a world with blinders on… Isn’t it odd, that people with the least give the most? Yeah, you give more than enough… keep telling yourself that and patting yourself on the back for the humanitarian you are… saved a breast cancer patient just last week… she’s broke. But she’s alive… and her family adores you for it… and paid for a new radiology machine because the hospital budget wouldn’t buy one… (sure) even got a puppy for the little girl “Amanda” or was it Alana…in pediatrics… what a guy. God loves you for it… How about those other doctors who are persecuted for saving so many with unorthodox or not FDA approved methodology, and not making shit for money? And I’m not talking about the scammers….You call them “witch doctors” right? Or writing off a patient who just hasn’t lived a “healthy” lifestyle according to your own specifics… Hmmmm… Judge , jury, and executioner… Oncology has been good to you, and you’ve earned it. Keep telling yourself that too… you dick…It’s really not your fault, you are merely a product of your environment…and partied your ass off in college! But not quite as smart as you thought… And neither am I. Thank God… After all, we are only human… another “scapegoat.” So then what separates the good from the bad? Is there really a separation? Or do they walk hand in hand… “Take the good with the bad.” scapegoat. How are your kids doing? Direct reflection of you or can you just “blame” them for their bad choices? More like a chemical imbalance…Hmmmm… Mine actually are doing very well… And they are hard working, highly intelligent conservatives… with outstanding moral convictions and higher education… Daniel in fact has his masters in biochemistry, but decided against a PHD… works in a research lab, with many incompetent and overpaid “foreign ” workers brought over with the HB bill… and also is witness to many “infractions ” of protocol… he has been on”the carpet” more than once for not “dismissing” his findings… so my point is that all large corporations are guilty of mismanagement and greed, sadly Hospitals have negligently killed tens of thousands in our country… Even more than cancer, gun violence, and all the highway deaths combined… And yet the liberals keep taking huge money from Big Pharm… Amazing how that works… And the minions of deceit continue to brainwash the “good” people in medicine to fit their “bottom line” agendas…And how defensive and concerting they are when “helping” others is “what they do.” Long hours and lousy pay, for a seemingly and often “thankless” job… Burnt out from the work and “conspiracy theories” that they know for sure, will be their demise if they listen to it… Kind of like democrats, wouldn’t you say Dave? Perhaps my next “reference” could be a good shrink Dave… maybe 900.00 an hour? That makes them a better doctor right? Divorced, and seeing another doctor themselves, because they too are only human, and have become products of their crazy ass environment… We could go on for hours with “conspiracy theories,” but really what we’ve lost in this country is good ole fashioned common sense… For me that would be “ignoring” this post and “hope” the world will just fix itself… But then that would be hypocritical when a good debate from both sides of an opinion, lined with the “facts” and the “truth” must surely be all of our redemption… Health Science Institute has many doctors who have worked in the field of medicine for a very long time… They contradict many of today’s “breakthroughs” with regards to cancer treatment… And don’t ridicule Oncologists (like I probably shouldn’t have) out of professional courtesy… In fact, they offer to work with chemo docs to help the patient, if the acting doctor and the patient agree to it… (which is absolutely the patients decision) Your chance of survival increases dramatically… Sadly, as in a recent loss. The oncologist called my choice of reference a “witch doctor,” in spite of his impeccable rate of remission and cured patients… hundreds in fact. From brain cancer to pancreatic…But because he is harassed by FDA and Big Pharm, with insurmountable legal fees, is being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and a “witch doctor.” So who’s really the conspiracy theorist? Even the most educated and professional doctors can be and are brainwashed. And because of their “higher learning” are respected for “whatever” they say. I just want to say, that education stops, when one stops learning… just like democrats! Ha! Sorry, but it’s true… and not just for democrats, of course not… but they are revealing themselves as such…Not wanting to offend but “wake up” even the staunchest of nay sayers… I hope somebody will just want to save a life, and do it to the best of their ability… as was always their seemingly rude and underlying intention… longwinded and off point, I apologize for simply caring…

  22. I hope there is a cure one day. I also wonder if we cure cancer how it will impact our current social security , nursing homes , etc. If people live to be 100 or longer how will this impact our resources?????

  23. Human trials have begun….one woman has received the injection and the tumor was gone in 24 hours. The ebc 46 came from a fruit so how dangerous can it be. When this fruit was discovered and publicized about what it can do….Big Pharma sent it s men in black to curtail the whole thing.

  24. I have given EBC46 to a patient (undergone 6chemos but was feeling sever pain)with just 15days before now she is not feeling the pain in her body and feeling well. I do hope it’s working.

  25. Amygdalin, named as ‘laetrile’ and ‘vitamin B-17’ was initially supposed to be a safe drug for cancer treatment and was recognized by followers of natural medicine since it has been considered to be hydrolyzed only in cancer cells releasing toxic hydrogen cyanide (HCN), and thus destroying them. Unfortunately, current studies have shown that HCN is also released in normal cells, therefore it may not be safe for human organism. However, there have still been research works conducted on anti-cancer properties of this compound. In vitro experiments have shown induction of apoptosis by amygdalin as a result of increased expression of Bax protein and caspase-3 and reduced expression of antiapoptotic BcL-2protein. Amygdalin has also been shown to inhibit the adhesion of breast cancer cells, lung cancer cells and bladder cancer cells by decreased expression of integrin’s, reduction of catenin levels and inhibition of the Akt-mTOR pathway, which may consequently lead to inhibition of metastases of cancer cells. It has also been revealed that amygdalin in renal cancer cells increased expression of p19 protein resulting in inhibition of cell transfer from G1-phase to S-phase, and thus inhibited cell proliferation. Other studies have indicated that amygdalin inhibits NF-kβ and NLRP3 signaling pathways, and consequently has anti-inflammatory effect due to reducing the expression of proinflammatory cytokines such as pro-IL-1β. Moreover, the effect of amygdalin on TGFβ/CTGF pathway, anti-fibrous activity and expression of follistatin resulting in activation of muscle cells growth has been reported. This compound might be applicable in the treatment of various cancer cell types.

    I take it daily and have done for the better part of 10 years. Its hard to know who to believe so why not hedge your bets plus i have had some family and friends beat this blight with kernels so i have a small set of data to work with. From experience money usually wins over morality, at least in our part of the world. Lets keep probing and sharing information with positive effects 🙂

  26. Pharma is not out to cure anything, only treat the symptoms. This includes cancer. Tumors are a symptom. Chemo and radiation treat the symptoms, not the true underlying causes. You get a relapse, they get paid again. It’s a positive reinforcement for a paradigm that does not work, except to profit Big P. This nation is getting very tired of Big Pharma lining it’s pockets at the expense of human suffering. Hopefully, something will be done about this very soon. Medicine has gotten totally out of hand.

  27. EBC-46 now registered as Stelfonta has just been launched commercially in Europe for treatment of dogs cancers, marketed by Virbac. Still waiting on FDA, and very oddly, Australian authorities for approval. FDA was expected late Jan, early Feb but its now well into May. Human clinical trials for neck and other tumours underway in India/ Australia. Looking at breast cancer, a biggie, too
    MY issue is the ethical one of treating animals but not humans. Seems bizarre that EBC-46 obviously works but humans are denied life saving treatment, while their pet dogs can be treated. Am a little perplexed

    1. My dog was in an Australian EBC 46 trial for a small sarcoma on his toe. A perfectly healthy dog otherwise. He died a few hours after having the injection. I was not fully informed of the risk of this drug and devastated by his unnecessary death.

      1. Hi Maria
        Sorry to hear about your dog. When was this trial? Seems quite incredible that your dog died a few hours after treatment. Did they give an explanation?

        Regards and condolences

  28. P.S.
    STELFONTA® (tigilanol tiglate) approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), making it the first pharmaceutical treatment available for all grades of canine non-metastatic mast cell tumours (MCT)

    An efficacious dose was achieved and a Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD) was not reached, indicating tigilanol tiglate tolerability in humans. Promising outcomes were attained in patients with a variety of solid tumour types, with a 27% treatment response, including 18% complete response (full tumour destruction). Following these positive results, a Phase I/II trial of tigilanol tiglate in patients with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) is underway, with the first patient successfully dosed.

    First patient successfully dosed in QBiotics’ Phase I/II clinical trial of tigilanol tiglate in patients with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC). Tigilanol tiglate is a novel, small molecule that is being tested as a single injection treatment for solid tumours. The Phase I/II clinical trial is a dose escalation study in HNSCC patients designed to determine optimal dosage, safety and tumour response. The QBC46-H03 trial is being run in Australia and India

    From qbiotics website

  29. Astaxanthin + r-alpha Lipoic Acid

    Johanna Budwig (6 tablespoons cottage cheese..3 tablespoons Flax Oil)…blend 1 minute…grind 2 tablespoons Flax seeds fresh ground …mix w cottage cheese and dark berries blueberry strawberries apples..eat within 20 minutes…
    Get 20 minutes sunshine each day possible

    Nattokinase for reduced fibrinogen and cardio vascular health

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