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Risks of cannabis use in light of legalization surge

Should cannabis be legalized in the United States, and if so, under what conditions? Current research on medical consequences of cannabis use suggest that heavy use of cannabis can have longlasting effects on lung, cardiovascular and mental health, but casual use seems of little harm compared to cigarettes and alcohol. Brain scans of regular marijuana users suggest that people who are not addicted (yet) already … Continue reading Risks of cannabis use in light of legalization surge


DNA Sciku

7 feet of information. Stored in the nucleus. For this sciku.   Fast forward along DNA until reaching the stop codon.   Synthetic DNA. The blueprint of life. What is natural? A Sciku is a scientific snack, a short piece of science-related poetry served in three lines. It’s inspired by the very short form of Japanese poetry called haiku though not strictly following its traditional … Continue reading DNA Sciku