From Chatbots to Carebots: Large Language Models in Modern Medicine by Shreya Johri

Join us in Northwest B103 on 12/6/23 at 7PM EST! Seminar is open to all interested and free! If you can’t make it in person catch the livestream here.

From old-time home remedies to sophisticated surgeries, the way we treat illnesses has undergone a remarkable transformation over centuries. And now, the medical field is embracing another new addition – machine learning models. But how are these models revolutionizing healthcare? In this talk, we will dive into the world of “large language models”, similar to the ones used in voice assistants or chatbots. We will discuss how these models can be tailored to medical applications, and explore their potential to assist doctors in diagnosis and even patient care. But it’s not all roses – we will also highlight some challenges these models face, including data privacy and ethical concerns. Join us on this journey as we uncover the potential of large language models and look to the horizon of what the future of medicine might hold.

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