Time: 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 28th

Join us on: Zoom (password: science) or YouTube Live

Speakers: Maggie Anderson

Graphics: Iryna Stryapunina

Centuries ago, before the printing press, books and other documents were painstakingly hand-crafted. Over their lifetime, these ‘manuscripts’ were edited, reused, cherished, and neglected. Imaging science can shed light on these documents’ secret pasts. Though invisible to the naked eye, scientists are able to recover faded and damaged writing that was considered lost to time. Focussing on European manuscripts, this talk will include a brief introduction to the history and creation of medieval manuscripts before discussing how imaging science is used to study them. Finally, I will bring together what we have learned with some amazing examples. Come learn about the exciting world of medieval manuscripts and discover how science can help tell the stories hidden within their pages.

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