This week we speak with Dr. Nicola Molinari, a senior postdoctoral researcher at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). We discuss the transition to a work from home lifestyle and how the pandemic has altered the experience of postdoctoral research. Dr. Molinari is a research associate in the Harvard SEAS Materials Intelligence Research Lab under Dr. Boris Kozinsky. His research focuses on the interface between computation condensed matter physics and material science. Dr. Molinari earned his BS and MS in physics from the University of Padova and went on to Imperial College London to earn his MSc and PhD in Physics. He has spent the pandemic perfecting his Italian cooking skills and developing a newfound love for good coffee, while continuing to pursue with research interests.
More information on the Material Intelligence Research Lab and Dr. Molinari’s work can be found here:
More information on Dr. Molinari can be found here:

Recording Date: December 18th, 2020

Featured: Chad Stein, Dr. Nicola Molinari
Produced by: Samantha Tracy, Chad Stein, Edward Chen, A. Delphine Tripp

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