Allergies: the bane of people who can’t snack on peanut butter and banana sandwiches, who can’t cuddle up to our favorite furry companions on a bad day, and who want to love spring or autumn but are assaulted on all sides by annoying, invisible particles. Allergies plague people seemingly indiscriminately, and symptoms can vary from an itchy nose and watery eyes to hives or difficulty breathing.

So what are allergies and why do we get them? What are they doing to our bodies, and how do we treat that? Can we, maybe, prevent them?

Happy Listening and Happy 2016!

Vinidhra Mani, Amy Gilson, Angela She, Elizabeth Jaensch
SIT’N Listen Producers

We’d like to acknowledge Amy Gilson for her heroic editing efforts and Marie Siwicki for her contributions to research and script writing.

Voices on this podcast: Angela She, Vinidhra Mani, Amy Gilson, Andrew Marantan

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