Hello new and former readers! My name is Tyler J. Ford. I’ve been an editor for this newsletter for almost four years and recently took over as Editor-in-Chief for Jamie Schafer who will be graduating very soon (Congrats to Jamie!). We’ll be making a bunch of exciting changes to the newsletter over the next couple of weeks and I’d like to tell you about them personally.

First off, you may have noticed that we recently changed our name from Science in the News Flash (or more commonly The Flash) to Signal to Noise. We wanted our name to convey our goal of clearly communicating the real science buried in the noise of other science news outlets. We bring you the facts about new and exciting science research and explain them in a way that is easy to understand. We stand out above other sources of science news by retaining informative content while still presenting things clearly. We are the signal you can contrast to all the noise, we are Signal to Noise.

Along with this name change, we’re adding two new sections to Signal to Noise: Signal to Noise: Waves and the Art Gallery. The shorter counterpart to our normal articles, Waves are twice-a-week short-form articles providing brief insights on science stories while they’re still trending on social media and major news outlets. Check them out to help you understand the facts behind viral science stories you hear about everyday. Waves are written after consulting a network of researchers in the trending field. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @sitnsignal to receive an update each time a Wave is posted.

The Signal to Noise Art Gallery is your place to see science in a new light. The Art Gallery features artwork of all kinds made with and about science. With this gallery we hope to get or keep you interested in science by seeing it with your own eyes or seeing it through someone’s artistic interpretation. The gallery also provides you with more food for thought through short descriptions of the pieces as well as links to related outside sources. If you’d like to submit something to the gallery, feel free to e-mail us at sitnsignaltonoise at gmail dot com.

We’re very excited about getting these sections up and running and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you have to improve them. We will, of course, continue to put out four top-notch long-form articles a month as well as longer special editions. Keep your eyes peeled for all the great things coming at Signal to Noise.

Happy Reading!

Tyler J. Ford

Signal to Noise


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