Presented by Kevin Harlen, Greg Kestin, Katie Dagon, and Ben Morris


Science education is a hot topic many of us have heard discussed widely in the media, by politicians and in America’s school systems. This talk will shed light on the different aspects of science education, why they are important and how they will impact us today and in the future. Our presentation will open with Kevin discussing traditional methods of science education as well as introducing new teaching methodologies to educate and inspire students. He will use experimental examples to highlight these new methodologies. Katie will discuss science education outside of the traditional K-12 environment, focusing on how scientists, the media and the general public can work together to continue science education after school. She will use climate change as a case study to encourage improved science communication. PhD students and teaching assistants Greg Kestin and Ben Morris will also join us for Q&A sessions about their work in various innovative educational endeavors. Following the talk there will be a tour of Stirling Churchman’s lab located in the Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics.


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