Neuronal Diversity of the Axolotl Brain

What you’re seeing is the brain of an axolotl, an organism known for its ability to regenerate many organs including the limb, heart, and spinal cord. The different colors (blue, green, red) represent some of the neuronal cell types present within the brain. Incredibly, when this region of the brain is injured, the brain regenerates with fidelity, and all of these cell types are remade. … Continue reading Neuronal Diversity of the Axolotl Brain

Coloring Nemo: Because now you can!

If you grew up watching Finding Nemo and treasuring little colourful fish in your home mini aquarium, I have very cool news for you. Scientists have now found a way to color small fish like organisms with thousands of fluorescent colors – one for each cell in the fish’s outer body. These creatures known as zebrafish, are unique organisms because their bodies are translucent. When … Continue reading Coloring Nemo: Because now you can!

A Stem Cell Milestone

An important milestone in the field of regenerative biology has been reached: earlier this month a Japanese patient became the first person to receive a tissue transplant derived from her own induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). The team of doctors and researchers responsible for the breakthrough took some of the patient’s own skin cells and, through a process termed reprogramming, turned them into pluripotent stem … Continue reading A Stem Cell Milestone