On the Basis of (Fish) Sex  

by Emily Goeringfigures by Andrea Luviano Did you know that sea lampreys are more likely to grow into males if they aren’t fed enough food? Or that one type of shrimp produces male offspring in the long days of summer, but females in shorter fall days? Sexual determination systems are the methods by which organisms produce offspring with differing biological sexes. Although all vertebrates evolved … Continue reading On the Basis of (Fish) Sex  


There are an estimated 37.2 trillion cells in the average adult human body. 37.2 trillion is a staggering number, especially when we remember that we all develop from a single fertilized egg cell. So how does one cell become 37.2 trillion cells? Through mitosis. Mitosis is the process of cell division, in which one cell produces two new daughter cells that are genetically identical to … Continue reading Mitosis

Why do male smokers have higher cancer rates than female smokers?

When it comes to smoking and cancer, men are mysteriously worse off: over 30% of cancer deaths in males are connected to smoking, compared to ~20% in women. It’s not all due to lung cancer either – male smokers also have a higher incidence of non-lung cancers compared to female smokers. Why the difference?. A recent study provides evidence that the answer is related to … Continue reading Why do male smokers have higher cancer rates than female smokers?

Genetically modified yeast and Science Fiction

About two months ago we published a short report on a new study that pioneered creating an entire chromosome of yeast; an organism with similar cellular organization as humans. Just a week ago, a discussion flared up on Reddit about the consequences for everything from creating human brain-less organ farms to custom babies. The study will really only benefit basic sciences and advanced biotechnology, where people use … Continue reading Genetically modified yeast and Science Fiction