Special Edition: Diversity

The world we live in is full of both seen and unseen wonders, filled with unique human beings, organisms, and communities. From the hundreds and thousands of bacteria that make up the microbiomes we interact with on a daily basis, to the efforts made to conserve and increase biodiversity, to saving endangered species, scientific research has enabled us to uncover and preserve more and more … Continue reading Special Edition: Diversity

Get involved: SITN Blog

Shortform (editor: Emily Pass) SITN Shortform is about showcasing and highlighting new and interesting science that is “making waves.” Contributors write consistently for the shortform blog; every month, they pick a recently-published research article and provide context-content-conclusions in ~300 words. Shortform writers should: be Harvard graduate students interested in science communication Shortform writers don’t need to: have prior writing experience. You learn on the job, … Continue reading Get involved: SITN Blog

SITN Leadership

Co-Directors: Hope Merens, Sebastian Rowe (sitnboston@gmail.com) Longform Blog Editors-in-Chief: Kristin Qian, Tess Whitwam (sitnbostonblog@gmail.com) Shortform Blog Editor-in-Chief: Emily Pass (sitnbostonshortform@gmail.com) Science by the Pint Directors: Emily Kerr, Divya Venkatasubramanian (sciencebythepint@gmail.com) Model Organism Zoo Directors: Arianna Lord, Nalat Siwapornchai, Noel Jackson Lecture Series Directors: Maggie Anderson, Sebastian Rowe Beacon Hill Seminars Director: Emily Kerr DayCon Chairs: Rahil Ukani Podcast Producer: Shantam Ravan (sitnpodcast@gmail.com) Communications Directors: Wei Li (Facebook, Instagram), Edward Chen … Continue reading SITN Leadership