Science in the News, one of the oldest graduate student-run groups of its kind, just turned 20 years old! But rather than celebrate with an elaborate music festival in the Bahamas, we have decided to do what we do best: talk about science.

Over the next few months, we will be featuring articles that cover some of the key scientific findings from the last two decades. From CRISPR and cancer immunotherapy to electric cars and clean energy tech, scientific progress has shaped and stretched the limits of human capability. Many of these advances have already begun to influence our daily lives, and all of them pave the way for even more astonishing discoveries in the future.  But as we hurtle ever more quickly towards the “world of tomorrow,” let’s take some time to appreciate the discoveries of the recent past that make today such an exciting time for science.

As our gift to you, we hope you enjoy the articles that commemorate 20 years of SITN. We’ll be publishing these articles one at a time throughout the year–sorry, no binge reading–so be sure to check back soon!

Your editors-in-chief
Chris Gerry and Kimberly Hagel

Cover image by Olivia Foster Rhoades 

Basic Scientific Research

Ceejay Lee

Human Genome Project

Rebecca Fine 

CRISPR as a Biological Tool

Michael Vinyard


Solar Energy

Emily Kerr

DNA Sequencing

Alexandra Cabral


Cancer Immunotherapy

Apurva Govande

Electric Cars

Ankur Podder, Rhea Grover

Virtual Reality

Nivanthika Wimalasena