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Our spring seminar series starts April 23rd!

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We host interactive lectures in the spring and fall. Our spring seminars are in Cambridge on Harvard’s main campus, and our fall seminars are in Boston at Harvard Medical School. During our fall lectures, teams of three PhD students present current information and ongoing research on a given topic at each lecture, pausing for questions throughout. In our spring seminar series (2012), an individual PhD student will present his or her recent work, going into detail about the experiments that led to new conclusions. Our seminars are open to audience members of any age, though a high school level of science education would be beneficial.

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  • Extreme Weather: Causes, Effects, and Connections With Climate extremes_climatechange_logoPresented by Ethan Butler, Karen McKinnon, Andy Rhines Extreme weather events, from hurricanes to heat waves, seem to be in the news with increasing regularity.But are extreme events actually increasing in frequency? And do they have a connection to our changing climate? Ethan will begin the lecture with an overview of some recent extreme weather…
  • Math in Nature: Finding order in chaos image for webpagePresented by Jessica Kunke, Lei Zhu, Stephen Portillo The natural world is so complex and unpredictable that it might seem math could never be a sufficient tool to understand it.  Our lecture aims to widen this view of math and explore how mathematical models and chaos theory give us insights into nature.  The first part…
  • Big data in the post-genome era: What can the human genome sequence do for you? 1000-genomes-final-110812Presented by David Kelley, Joseph Vitti, Casey Gifford This year marks the 10th anniversary of the completion of The Human Genome Project. This human DNA sequence brought with it much hope for advances in disease identification and treatment, however progress has been slow. Part of the reason for this lag is the huge amount of…
  • The Life of a Genetically Modified Organism: From the laboratory to your dinner table GMO ImagePresented by Natalie Moroz, Steph Guerra, and Sharon Hung GMOs have been making headlines recently, but what exactly is a genetically modified organism? This lecture will start by covering GMOs in the laboratory - how they’re made and how that compares to traditional methods of genetic alteration like selective breeding. We’ll then talk about GMOs…
  • Talking Back to the Brain: Using Light to Uncover the Language of Neurons NeuronsPresented by Andrea Yung, Christina Welsh, and Matthias Minderer Studying the brain is like learning a foreign language – the language by which neurons communicate. Neuroscientists have made great progress by listening in on the neurons’ conversations. But, to be sure that we understand their language correctly, we have to be able to talk back…
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Wednesdays 7-9pm
Pfizer Hall, Harvard University
Cambridge campus
12 Oxford St, Cambridge MA

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Apr 23
More Than Food: Exploring human milk as medicine

May 7
In the Loop with Poop: Intestinal microbes in health and immunity

May 21
Exploring Planets Near and Far

June 4
Investigating Symbiosis in Carnivorous Pitcher Plants

June 18
Small Brains, Big Ideas: The value of model organisms to science