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We host interactive lectures in the spring and fall. Our spring seminars are in Cambridge on Harvard’s main campus, and our fall seminars are in Boston at Harvard Medical School. During our fall lectures, teams of three PhD students present current information and ongoing research on a given topic at each lecture, pausing for questions throughout. In our spring seminar series (2012), an individual PhD student will present his or her recent work, going into detail about the experiments that led to new conclusions. Our seminars are open to audience members of any age, though a high school level of science education would be beneficial.

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  • The (Internal) War on Cancer: Using the immune system to fight tumors The (Internal) War on CancerPresented by Jernej Godec, Ezana Demissie, and Vikram Juneja The immune system has evolved to recognize foreign invaders into our bodies, such as bacteria and viruses. In a similar fashion, it is able to recognize when healthy cells transform into cancer cells, and attempts to clear them. When patients come to the clinic with a…
  • Exploring the Quantum World: From Plants to Pulsars Exploring the Quantum World: From Plants to PulsarsPresented by Mike Goldman, Joey Goodknight, and Tansu Daylan What do the interior of an atom, the bottom of a volcanic caldera, and the center of the sun have in common? Mike will begin with an introduction to quantum mechanics, which explores its relationship with our everyday world. Some aspects of the quantum world seem…
  • Small Brains, Big Ideas: The value of model organisms to science smallbrains-imagePresented by Yuly Fuentes-Medel Model organism systems amenable to genetic manipulation have made seminal contributions to many aspects of modern science. These organisms with small brains have inspired the discoveries of big ideas in such complex problems as cell death, ion channel function, and pattern formation during development. In this lecture you will learn what…
  • Investigating Symbiosis in Carnivorous Pitcher Plants carnivorousplants-imagePresented by Leonora Bittleston The idea of a plant eating an animal is very strange. Scientists were ridiculed when they originally suggested plants could be carnivorous. But now we know that carnivory has actually evolved multiple times in plants, in a pattern called convergent evolution. My lecture will discuss how pitcher plants are perfect examples…
  • Exploring Planets Near and Far exploreplanets-imagePresented by Anjali Tripathi How many planets are there? What are they like? In this lecture, we will talk about the variety of planets that are found beyond the Solar System. These so-called exoplanets have been discovered near and far, throughout the Galaxy. We’ll talk about the detection of these planets and their location in…
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Wednesdays 7-9pm
Pfizer Hall, Harvard University
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12 Oxford St, Cambridge MA

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Apr 23
More Than Food: Exploring human milk as medicine

May 7
In the Loop with Poop: Intestinal microbes in health and immunity

May 21
Exploring Planets Near and Far

June 4
Investigating Symbiosis in Carnivorous Pitcher Plants

June 18
Small Brains, Big Ideas: The value of model organisms to science