Science by the Pint

Our next Science by the Pint will feature

Dr. Kim Hamad-Schifferli

How nanoparticle research is advancing human health

Meet us June 8th at 7pm at The Burren in Davis Square!
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Nanotechnology has captured the imaginations of scientists, engineers, and physicians for its potential to revolutionize human health and biology. The fact that materials have different properties simply due to the fact that they are nanometer-sized has enabled new fields of study. However, nanotechnology has also generated a considerable amount of fear in the public because of its potential unintended consequences. We will discuss some of the exciting new ways that nanotechnology is advancing medicine. In addition, we will cover some of the challenges that this emerging field has faced. Why is it so hard to regulate nanotechnology? Should we be afraid of nanotechnology? And where are all the nanobots that everyone said they would build?

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