Science by the Pint

Our next Science by the Pint will feature

Dr. Jon Grabowski and Dr. Julie Simpson

Exploring Our Oceans: Ecology of Our Coasts

Meet us August 10th at 7pm at The Burren in Davis Square!
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Dr. Jon Grabowski of Northeastern University studies ecology in estuarine and marine habitats. His lab asks many exciting questions relevant to our own sea shores outside Boston, and other coastal areas: How do resource availability, habitat degradation and predation risk affect population dynamics, migratory behavior, community structure, and ecosystem functioning? How can these insights inform the conservation biology of economically important species, such as lobster, cod, herring, monkfish, oysters, and seagrass? How do management initiatives such as closed areas, fishing gear modifications, and fishing reductions impact habitat recovery and sustainability of fisheries? Check out the Grabowski Lab website for links to articles on many of these topics.

Dr. Julie Simpson of MIT Sea Grant studies the ecology of coastal habitats such as salt marshes. Her diverse projects includes: tracing terrestrial pollutants (metals, fertilizers, pharmacuitcals, etc) and their impacts on these habitats, modeling the effects of climate change on these habitats, measuring ability of eel grasses to store carbon, and designing autonomous vehicles (marine robots) to explore these habitats. As a member of the MIT Sea Grant’s Marine Advisory Services, Julie applies her research to local environmental and economic issues facing our coastal community, and participates in educational programs. Read more about MIT Sea Grant activities here.

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