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Dr. Ryan McKindles
Research Director, Sensorimotor Technology Realization in Immersive Virtual Environments (STRIVE) Center
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Total immersion: Building virtual reality environments for basic science and clinical research

Thursday, May 25, 6:30-8:30pm at Aeronaut Brewery (14 Tyler Street, Somerville) (directions)

This week’s event features Dr. Ryan J. McKindles, the Research Director of the Sensorimotor Technology Realization in Immersive Virtual Environments (STRIVE) Center at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. His research interests bridge neuroscience, motor control, biomechanics, neuroimaging, wearable technologies, and signal processing. The STRIVE Center, completed in June 2016, features one of three high-end Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) systems in the world. The CAREN enables researchers to assess an individual’s cognitive and physiological health as they interact with a fully immersive virtual environment. The CAREN system is composed of a 24-foot immersive dome that offers a 360° visualization screen, surround sound, and an 18-camera motion capture system. Dr. McKindles will discuss the main goal of the STRIVE center: to be a nexus for clinical, academic, and government communities to collaborate on next-generation medical research and technology development.

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