Science by the Pint

January’s Science by the Pint (our first in 2015!) will feature…

Dr. Michael Brenner

Using Math to Answer Scientific Questions From Bird Beaks and Droplet Splashing to the Science of Cooking

Meet us January 12th at 7pm at The Burren in Davis Square!
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Michael Brenner’s research group, at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, uses methods and ideas of applied mathematics to address problems in science and engineering. They are first and foremost problem solvers, and search widely to find problems where mathematics (simple or complicated, with large computer simulations or without) can answer scientific questions. Current research projects range from efforts to understand the limitations of self assembly (e.g. what can be reliably assembled with spherically symmetric building blocks), to algorithm development for atmospheric chemistry (the development o algorithms to accelerate simulations of global pollution), to fluid mechanics (e.g. the aerodynamics of whale flippers, the splashing of droplets and the ejection of fungal spores), to material science (pattern formation on ion sputtered surfaces) to studies of the connection between evolution and physiology, targeted to specific protein families (voltage gated ion channels and hemoglobin).