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Our SbtP in July features…

Anna Swan and Bennett Goldberg
Adventures in Flatland: Bringing Atomically-Thin Graphene from Lab to Fab

Meet us Thursday, July 14 at 6:30pm at Aeronaut Brewery, 14 Tyler St, Somerville (directions)

Professors Anna Swan and Bennett Goldberg are both part of Boston University’s Optical Characterization and Nanophotonics (OCN) laboratory, which studies solid-state and biological phenomena at the nanoscale. Compared to the behavior of isolated molecules or bulk materials, the behavior of nanostructures exhibit important physical properties not necessarily predictable from observations of either individual constituents or large ensembles.

Tonight’s talk will focus on Graphene, its extraordinary properties, how it’s usually extracted, and its applications. Graphene is a thin, one-atom-thick layer of graphite, and is the thinnest material known to man! Despite the fact that it is produced virtually every time a pencil is used, it was first fabricated on silicon oxide substrates in 2004. Graphene shows remarkable electronic properties, and it is incredibly strong – 200 times stronger than steel! It’s also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, and has interesting light absorption abilities. Graphene can be combined with other elements (including gases and metals) to produce different materials. Applications of graphene technology include touchscreens, transistors, computer chips, batteries, energy generation, supercapacitors, DNA sequencing, water filters, antennas, solar cells, and many more!