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Our next SbtP event features…

Scientists from Dr. Marcia Haigis’ lab

Department of Cell Biology
Harvard Medical School

Tumor metabolism: how cancer cells fuel their growth

Thursday, May 17th, 6:30-8:00pm at Aeronaut Brewery (14 Tyler Street, Somerville) (directions)

What makes money valuable? Cancer cells require a continuous source of energy and cellular building blocks to support their rapid rate of growth. Metabolic reprogramming helps cancer cells gain a growth advantage by giving them the ability to consume a wide variety of available fuel sources, from dietary fuels such as fats, sugars and proteins to waste products generated by the cancer cells themselves. Two Harvard scientists, Elma Zaganjor and Jessica Spinelli, from the Haigis lab are studying how cellular metabolism can drive tumor growth in the hope of discovering new therapeutic targets.


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