What Does a Cognitive Neuroscientist Do?

How do you introduce yourself, scientifically?  My name is Dana Boebinger, and I’m an auditory cognitive neuroscientist. I study how the brain understands sound; I specifically study humans, and how the brain understands the kinds of sounds that are particularly relevant for humans, like speech and music.  What are the implications or broader impacts of your work?  I do basic science, which aims to advance fundamental … Continue reading What Does a Cognitive Neuroscientist Do?

Quantum Melodics

Quantum Melodics  Click above to play audio (in a new window) while you read about the piece By Jacob Baron, a graduate student at Harvard University. “Quantum Melodics is based on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. This principle says that the more accurately you know where a particle is, the less accurately you can know how fast it is moving, and vice-versa. To me, this principle seems ridiculous, since … Continue reading Quantum Melodics