Bee Parasite Munches On Fat, Not Blood

You may think of honey bees as yellow and black-striped harbingers of spring, destined to flit between flowers and produce sweet honey. Their impact is far greater than the honey they produce, however; honey bees directly or indirectly produce one out of every three foods. It is therefore very concerning that bee populations have been declining—entire hives have been dying without any obvious explanation. One … Continue reading Bee Parasite Munches On Fat, Not Blood

Fat cells – Nature’s Band-Aid?

It’s very easy to disparage fat and fat cells, especially in our weight-conscious culture. However, fat cells might deserve more credit than we give them. Fat cells can help store energy and provide our bodies with insulation. And now, research from Paul Martin’s group at the University of Bristol has shown that fat cells can move around within body compartments to help heal wounds. Researchers … Continue reading Fat cells – Nature’s Band-Aid?