Why Do I Picture Albert Einstein?

by Kate Lachancefigures by Rebecca Senft Close your eyes.  Picture a scientist. What does this scientist look like? Beginning in the late 1950s, the stereotypical image of a scientist was of great interest to many anthropologists, including Dr. Margaret Mead and Dr. Rhoda Métraux. They conducted a survey of over 35,000 high school students in the United States, probing what the students believed a scientist … Continue reading Why Do I Picture Albert Einstein?

Fairness in Machine Learning

by Isabella Grabski figures by Nicholas Lue It’s no secret that bias is present everywhere in our society, from our educational institutions to the criminal justice system. The manifestation of this bias can be as seemingly trivial as the timing of a judge’s lunch break or, more often, as fraught as race or economic class. We tend to attribute such discrimination to our own internalized … Continue reading Fairness in Machine Learning