Time: 7-9 p.m., Wednesday, April 18th

Location: Pfizer Hall, Mallinckrodt Chemistry Labs, 12 Oxford St, Cambridge (link to directions)

Speakers: Spandan Madan

The last five years have witnessed a dramatic surge in the excitement surrounding Artificial Intelligence: technology companies are investing billions, and news outlets are covering every new development in the research and the industry alike. Beyond the hype, we all often converge on a few simple, fundamental questions that often feel unanswered in popular media: What really is AI? How do current cutting edge technologies work? What problems are solved, and which ones are still too hard for existing AI systems? Through this talk, Spandan Madan aims to answer such fundamental questions in a manner that requires little prior knowledge of mathematics or computer science. In a nutshell, this talk will be an intuitive introduction to give you a working knowledge of what machine learning is and how it is driving the current paradigm of AI.

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