squarelarger Will we be the first generation that cures cancer? The answer is complicated. Curing cancer remains a steep task despite the hopeful rhetoric and heavy investment put forward by new initiatives like the Cancer Moonshot. Treating cancer is not possible with a ‘one size fits all’ approach as each tumor requires a precise strategy to be defeated. These game plans must combat key offensive plays that make cancer a formidable opponent. Cancer cells can outlast treatment, resist death, and avoid detection better than most other maladies. Despite our heavy personal and financial investment in cancer research over the past four decades, this class of diseases remains the number two cause of deaths nationally. With the dawn of personalized medicine, combination drug regimens, precision prevention, and additional new technologies, patients have more ways than ever before to defend against and directly attack tumors. In this talk we’ll explore the rules of the cancer treatment game, see how cancer cells break these rules, and learn how scientists, clinicians, and patients are fighting back.


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