Presented by Dan Tarjan, Justin Feng, and Jianghong “John” Min

Biology is a new science. It was only about 200 years ago that Charles Darwin formulated the principles of Evolution by natural selection, and Gregor Mendel described the first clues that living organisms have Genes. These and other recent discoveries form the basic building blocks of our understanding of life. Synthetic Biology is a new field endeavoring to engineer life using modern technologies and modern understanding of Biology, with the goal of improving our world.

Our Lecture will begin with Dan Tarjan providing a historical perspective on Molecular Biology and Synthetic Biology. Then Justin Feng will explain Metabolic Engineering, from a recent success story to his own thesis work, at the intersection of Evolution and Engineering. Finally John Min will explore how Synthetic Biology offers the possibility of engineering Nature outside of the lab, and he will discuss the implications of that in the context of his own research.


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