Presented by Michael Schultz, Tyler Huycke, and Ryoji Amamato

Imagine a future where you can take a pill that halts the aging process, and if your organs do wear down, they can be replaced like car parts; a future where you can expect to stay healthy well past your first century of life. Our lecture will explore these ideas by looking into how scientists are currently trying to turn back the clock on aging. First, we will describe current theories about why we age and how we can harness the body’s innate defenses to increase healthspan and lifespan. Next, we will discuss the process of organ regeneration and explore how studying the regenerative capabilities of other animals may allow us to regenerate our own organs. Finally, we will explore the possibility of generating functional human organs in a dish that can be readily transplanted into ailing patients. The topics covered in this lecture will shed light on the cutting-edge research that is pushing the limits of human longevity.


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