Presented by Katherine Richeson, Mary Gearing, and Abbe Clark

Nutrition is currently one of the most popular science topics in mainstream media, as it is intimately tied to lifestyle, health and personal appearance. However, this popularity has led to a proliferation of inaccurate and sensationalized information. Our aim with this lecture is to provide the audience with the scientific background necessary to understand nutrition beyond the headlines.

In the first portion of the talk, Katherine will discuss the three macronutrients fat, sugar, and protein, showing how each nutrient is utilized differently by the body. In the second section, Mary will lead the audience through two case studies to explain how nutritional research is conducted and how to understand the latest studies. In the third section, Abbe will tackle two timely topics in nutrition, gluten intolerance and artificial sweeteners, discussing facts and misconceptions

After the lecture, please join us for a demonstration of how calories in food are calculated using a calorimeter. We’ll also have a game to see if you can visually identify the sugar and fat content in your favorite foods!


A video of the lecture will be posted here afterward.

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