Presented by David Kelley, Joseph Vitti, Casey Gifford

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the completion of The Human Genome Project. This human DNA sequence brought with it much hope for advances in disease identification and treatment, however progress has been slow. Part of the reason for this lag is the huge amount of data that this and other genomic projects have produced. Tonight, we begin with some background on what the human genome project was, how it was done, and what technologies it has yielded to the field of biology. We will then tackle the reality that there is no “one single human genome”, but that each individual has specific, meaningful differences that allow us to understand not only the individual, but also the diverse human populations of the world. Finally, we will dive into a few very important components of human DNA that cannot be addressed with simply a DNA sequence and how scientists are currently obtaining meaningful data on extra-genomic genetic data.


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