Seminar Series

Co-directors: Maggie Anderson and Sebastian Rowe

The SITN Seminar Series is a free and public format for hearing about exciting new topics in science.  Every week, a group of Harvard graduate students present current information and ongoing research within a particular field – and we’d like to invite you to join the discussion! Our seminars are open to audience members of any age and background.  Check out some of our previous seminars on YouTube. This fall, we will hold a virtual seminar series with engaging speakers and exciting opportunities for audience members to connect and ask questions.

If you are a graduate student who would like to share your research or practice explaining your cool work to a new, general audience, you would make a great seminar speaker!  We will work with you to develop the content and format of the lecture. You do not need prior experience with giving public talks.
If you have previously participated in the seminar series or have ideas on how to improve it, especially in the virtual format, we would love to hear from you!  You are welcomed to reach out and get involved as a seminar series coordinator and director.

Interested? Email us at