Amidst talk about the Paris climate accord and other multinational efforts to combat climate change, it’s easy to lose sight of the extensive efforts occurring at the city and state levels to plan for and preempt the effects of environmental changes. To celebrate Earth Day 2018, we’re taking a look at some of the strategies local communities are adopting to address the challenges climate change is creating for urban infrastructure.

Special thanks to our guests on this episode, John Bolduc, Environmental Planner for the City of Cambridge, and Kerry Emanuel, Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT.


The SIT’N Listen Team

Executive Producer: Amy Gilson
Assistant producer: Yang Tian
Correspondents: Sisi Hu, Illika Sahu, Tia Scarpelli, and Sam Wattrus
Editors: Amy Gilson, Teshika Jayewickreme, Stanely Gill, Yang Tian

Graphics by Rebecca Clements

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