Model Organism Zoo

Co-directors: Hasreet Gill and Noel Jackson

Model Organism Zoo is a STEM outreach initiative aimed toward middle/high schoolers in Boston! We take commonly used model organisms in the lab like flies, worms, zebrafish, and cells, along with microscopes and short activities, to schools and community events. We focus on sharing our love for science and demystifying what it means to be a real scientist! To see us in action, check out our website for photos and more information.

MoZ volunteers should: be enthusiastic for communicating science to a general audience. Previous experience working with kids/teens is not required, but helpful.

MoZ volunteers don’t need to: have extensive knowledge of or experience working with model organisms, experience in STEM education.

Interested? Do you enjoy teaching K-12 students about science? We are looking for volunteers to join us in demystifying science for middle-schoolers as part of our Interactive Biology Exploration Initiative with Boston Public Library (BPL) Youth and Teens Outreach. We are hosting a total of four outdoor events at four different BPL locations in the last week of September and first week in October. At these events, children will have the opportunity to explore the biology of C. elegans learning and memory through real-time experiments! If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out to us at to volunteer! More details below.

When: End of September 2021 and/or beginning of October 2021

Where: Various BPL branches 

  • Grove Hall: 41 Geneva Ave. Dorchester, MA 02121
  • Fields Corner: 1520 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester, MA 02122
  • Parker Hill (pending): 1497 Tremont St. Roxbury, MA 02120
  • Egleston: 2044 Columbus Ave. Roxbury, MA 02119

Time commitment: Up to 2 weeks

Number of volunteers: 10


  • Maintain communication regarding event with BPL librarian and Model Organism Zoo co-directors 
  • Ensure materials for each event are prepared for use
  • Work with minors training prior to beginning working with students
  • Coordinate logistics with other volunteers
  • Attend scheduled Zoom meetings and volunteer training 
  • Attend in-person outdoor event (depending on weather and state of COVID-19)*

*Transportation can be arranged by us if needed.