My name is Michka SIMG_1016harpe. I am from Kingston, Jamaica. I developed a passion for the natural world in Jamaica growing up surrounded by water and living in the mountains. I am also from a family of artists and so I learned to appreciate the beauty of what was around me from a very early age. I would take long walks through the mountains and draw the flowers that I saw along the way although I was never very good. As an undergraduate at Emory University, I was able to further develop a passion for science by studying Neuroscience. I am currently a fifth year graduate student in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program (BBS) where I study the mechanisms that drive cardiomyocyte proliferation in the zebrafish during development and regeneration. Outside of lab, I enjoy playing squash and going to watch movies where I continuously seek to combine my passion for science with the arts.

Perspective I                Perspective II                Zebrafish Heart

Perspective IPerspective IIheart bright

Cross-section                   Moon and Stars              Big  Brother







moon and starsBigBrother


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